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Wednesday, Nov. 13

I'm with Cope. Even though he's twice my age, or three times my age--or whatever, he's timeless--he and I share a similar grudging relationship with the Information Age.

So it was a pretty big deal when Boise Weekly's resident curmudgeon not only agreed to but also followed through with writing a (gasp) blog series.

With a soft launch on Nov. 8, Mr. Cope's Cave will be a twice-weekly Cobweb feature on

That means Cope lovers (and Cope haters) will have two more opportunities outside his weekly print column to read our Man in Meridian's observations, complaints and semi-regular arguments with figments of his own imagination.

After 18 years writing for BW--nearly all of them during a time when the Internet was widely available--Cope has finally stepped into the online-only publishing world. It's a watershed moment for BW and, if we had a say in it, would go down as a minor achievement in the history of the Internet.

We know, Cope already gets a solid 1,000 words of newsprint a week--what more could he have to write about? Answer: You must not know Cope. We're turning him loose on the no-holds-barred World Wide Web, so if you dare, turn on your digital headlamp and venture into Mr. Cope's Cave.

And speaking of stuff on, we had a pretty newsy week, with stories about a bike safety rally, a lawsuit challenging Idaho's ban on same-sex marriage, a teacher who lost her job for posting vacation photos on Facebook, Ben Ysursa bowing out of the race for secretary of state, mega-load protests and the Eighth and Main Tower's official opening date. Find it all on, plus our annual Mountain Guide, which you can find in PDF form on Cobweb.

Finally, in news of the new, astute readers will notice an addition to our food coverage on Page 22. Where we typically feature beer and wine through David Kirkpatrick's Beerguzzler/Winesipper columns, BW will now be getting into booze with semi-regular reviews on three varieties of hooch. The new column, by food writer Tara Morgan, is brought to you in partnership with the Idaho State Liquor Division. We'll be tasting tipples before they hit shelves to give you the lowdown on liquors you won't want to miss (or, maybe, steer clear of--you never know), just in time for a well-lubricated holiday season. You're welcome.

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