Izozzi iPhone Covers 

Like Barbie's innumerable outfits, Malibu Dream Houses and Corvettes, there are myriad ways to bling out your iPhone. From apps that tell you where the nearest, cheapest drinks are and how many minutes you have left for happy hour (shameless BW Cocktail Compass promo) to Stuart Hughes' $3.2 million solid gold and diamond iPhone case, there's no end to the ways you can continue throwing money at your phone.

Now, art-aficionados can show off their superior taste with edgy iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad art cases from Izozzi, which run $29.95-$54.95. The form-fitting cases feature artwork from local art celebs Ben Wilson, Bill Carman and Ward Hooper, along with a handful of other national names, and are made from flexible thermoplastic with an anti-scratch, anti-glare polycarbonate window.

Whether you prefer to express your iPhone individuality with a Ben Wilson cover featuring a green cat-monster puking up a bespectacled, mustachioed hairball or a Bill Carman cover with an inflated panda blimp floating over a crowd of top-hat-clad onlookers, your non-smart phone friends are sure to secretly covet your gadget more than they already did.

Or if you'd prefer to keep it classy--like your uncle's wood-paneled station wagon--be sure to pick up one of Jan Weigand's fauxbois covers, featuring splinterless designs like Paduk African, Bubinga Gemasert or Sykamor.

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