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"Jaialdi" means "party," "festival" or "festive occasion" and this year's Jaialdi promises to be just that, as Basques and friends of Basques celebrate all things Basque with music, dance, food and culture.

BW wants to maximize your Jaialdi fun and to that end, we're providing you with this handy-dandy schedule to Jaialdi 2005:


2005 Jaialdi Symposium

The first part of the Cenarrusa Center for Basque Studies' 2005 Jaialdi Symposium is dedicated to bringing people, communities and organizations worldwide together to discuss common issues and challenges for the Basque people.

There will be a Basque Studies Program inauguration and reception, followed by a reception and introduction of the new Basque Studies Program at Boise State. A new Memorandum of Agreement will be signed between Boise State the Cenarrusa Center for Basque Studies and the Basque government, followed by comments from Lehendakari Juan Jose Ibarretxe.

An afternoon program will follow at the Egyptian Theatre and an evening program, also at the Egyptian, will include a keynote address, entitled "Moving from Gernika to Boise, from Santimamiñe to Bilbao: We are all Basques and Amerikanuak," from Dr. Joseba Zulaika, executive director and professor of Basque Studies at the University of Nevada Reno.

Inauguration, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., FREE, Boise State.

Reception, 2:30 p.m., FREE, Lookout Room, Boise State Student Union Building.

Afternoon program, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., FREE, the Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St.

Evening program and keynote address, 7 p.m., FREE, the Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St.


Reopening of Restored Basque Boardinghouse

A 141-year-old former Basque boardinghouse has been restored to its original condition and will reopen on July 28 at a ribbon cutting ceremony with Boise Mayor David Bieter and descendents of the home's original owners. The public is invited to the ribbon cutting and will have the opportunity to tour the house following the ceremony.

Called the Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House for its original owners, the structure was built in 1864, and is the oldest surviving brick dwelling in Boise, making it historically significant for the City of Boise as an important part of the preservation of the American West. The home was used as a Basque boardinghouse from 1910 until 1969 and was purchased in 1987 by the Basque Museum and Cultural Center. In 2003, the museum undertook a restoration of the historic house.

The house also will feature artifacts, audio/visual technology and literary skits that will take a visitor back in time to experience life during the boardinghouse heyday.

For more information, call the Basque Museum and Cultural Center at 343-2671, or visit their Web site at www.basquemuseum.com.

Sports Night

Sports Night will feature Basque weight lifting, dragging, carrying, wood chopping and other uniquely Basque feats of strength.

7-9 p.m., $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and younger, Western Idaho Fairgrounds, 5610 Glenwood, Garden City, 376-3247, www.idahofair.com.

Friday/29 Basque Block

A reunion gathering for Jaialdi's out-of-town visitors. This large gathering will include pelota games, an accordion fest, an open house and, of course, lots of delicious food and drink.

Noon-5 p.m., FREE, 601 Grove St.

2005 Jaialdi Symposium

The second part of the Symposium. There will be an afternoon program at Boise City Hall, with presentations by Dr. Joxe Mallea from the University of Nevada Reno ("Speaking Through the Aspens: Basque Tree Carvings in the America West") and Pantxoa Etchegoin, director, Euskal Kultur Erakundea ("Iparralderen Egoera: Cultural Challenges in the French Basque Country").

2:30 to 5 p.m., FREE, Boise City Hall in the Foothills Room.


Festa'ra means "to the festival." This will be a music and dance program of traditional Basque music, dance and storytelling, with a dance group from Euskadi (the Basque country), Boise's Oinkari Dancers, triki trikas, bertzolaris, the Bihotzetik Choir and more.

8 p.m., $30, Morrison Center, Boise State campus, 426-1110.

Saturday/30 Basque Mass

Catholic services performed in the Basque language by a bishop from the Basque country, with music by the Basque Choir.

7 p.m., FREE, St. John's Cathedral, 807 N. 8th St., 342-7314.

Traditional Basque Dance

"Eat, Drink and Be Basque." Local and international Basque dancers and bands will perform. Traditional food and drink will also be served.

9 p.m.-2 a.m., $5 adult, $3 child, Western Idaho Fairgrounds, 5610 Glenwood, Garden City, 376-3247.

Saturday/30 and Sunday/31 Jaialdi Festival

The high point of Jaialdi! Come for dancing, singing, music, sports, art, a huge food court and lot and lots of Basque folks and Basquophiles.

Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m, $5 adult, $3 child, Western Idaho Fairgrounds, 5610 Glenwood, Garden City, 376-3247.

Jaialdi performers will include Luhartz, a band from Durango, Bizkaia, Txantxangorriak, an accordion/tambourine band from Boise, the Bihotzetik Choir from Boise, dance groups Andra Mari Eusko Dantzari Taldea from Galdakao, Bizkaia, the Oinkari Basque Dancers and Boise'ko Gazteak from Boise, Caldwell'eko Eusko Dantzariak from Caldwell, Etxeko Gazteak from Mountain Home, Beti Alai Dancers from Ontario, Zenbat Gura Euskal Dantzari Taldea from Reno, Battle Mountain Oberenak Dancers from Battle Mountain, Nevada, Big Horn Basque Club Dancers from Buffalo, Wyoming, Gauden Bat Basque Dancers from Chino, California, Utah'ko Triskalriak from Salt Lake and Dantzari Gazteak from Bakersfield. Singers and musicians include Dave Lachiondo. Miren Lete, Mary Guerricabeitia, Dan Ansotegui, Edu Sarria, Sean Aucutt and AnnMarie Mansisidor of Boise, Ray Mansisidor of Homedale, Mercedes Mendive and Bernardo Yanci of Elko, Nevada, and Jon Enbeita and Ireneo Ajuriagogeaskoa of Muxika, Bizkaia. Weight lifters include Joan Jose Unanue and Jose Luis Lete of Azkoitia, Guipuzkoa and Jose Antonio Ostolaza of Zestoa, Guipuzkoa. Woodchoppers include Donato Larretxea of Aranaz, Nafarroa, Angel Arrospide of Leaburu, Guipuzkoa, and Inaki Azurmendi of Beasain, Guipuzkoa. Farm sports athletes include the Mutriku Sokatira Taldea of Mutriku, Gipuzkoa.

For more information or for tickets to any Jaialdi event, visit www.jaialdi.com.

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