Jalapeno's - Stub's Pickled Egg Eating Contest 

Tex-Mex a go-go

Jalapeno's Grill 2 (as near as we can determine, the dos refers to the restaurant's status as second in command following the numero uno truck parked out front) may be a hole-in-the-wall joint tucked quietly into a nondescript strip mall but the food is making plenty of noise about town as word of mouth spreads about the fare. More of a take-and-eat kind of place than a sit-down adventure, the handful of tables at Jalapeno's seems like an afterthought, indicating that the restaurateur's emphasis in on the edible goods, not the concept. The lean menu is intended for mean appetites on a slim budget, offering 10 different dollar tacos—including some truly authentic choices like lengua (beef tongue) and cabeza (cow head)—and 10 lunch combos under six bucks. Open at 10 a.m., Jalapeno's scrambles up a late morning breakfast with burritos, huevos rancheros, chorizo and eggs, omelettes and huevos Mexicana. And if a take-away journey in and out of Jalapeno's proves particularly agreeable with you and yours, the grill does love to be busy catering.

Jalapeno's Grill 2, 201 W. Boise Ave. #104, 344-1404, Mon.-Sat.: 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

Eggs-essive Eaters Storm Stubs Sports Pub

To celebrate the passing of each year at Boise Weekly, former scribe slave turned news-type editor boy Nicholas Collias dons a bib from his childhood days in the high chair, digs out his best pair of ski goggles and wears his lucky Scooby-Doo underwear to compete in the bar contest of Boise bar contests—a competition so fierce and so unique it garnered a lamely-titled Best of as BW's 2004 Best Bar Contest (a category which should be changed to "Best Way to Pickle Your Insides and Live to Tell About It"). In a match between tastebud and vinegar, competitor Collias forced 10 (and one-half) eggs into his mouth his first year of competition and managed to keep down six in last year's pickled egg-eating contest at Stubs Sports Pub. We were hoping for serious athletic prowess to put our resident egg rep at the top of this year's list, but alas, a poorly-timed vacation pickled our plans for the gold. However, last Saturday, quantum ovum eaters took the challenge and when the clock began its five-minute countdown, the pickled egg eating contest commenced. With the threat of disqualification for upheaval at any time, contestants were also warned not to toss their eggs until after the 20-second waiting period following the end of the five-minute countdown. At 19 eggs and as the contest's first repeat winner, 2004 winner Eric Schroeder won his second first place title this year. Thirteen eggs won Ray Nelson a second place finish while Dan Lisee ate 11 eggs, and Stick Carlson and Steve Bennett each got 10 down their gullets. Until next year ...

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