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Re: “MsClintonogyny

Raider Fan - Lest we turn this into a completely personal debate, I am going to respond one more time. My, my, you certainly are good with the passive aggression, aren't you? To almost slyly disguise your venom with supposed politeness is quite clever. How cute of you to hide behind the "good ole boy", ex-military camouflage! "Why thank you, Mam!" "You're just one of those emotional women aren't cha?" However, being a male, it is easy for you to dismiss us females, isn't it? After all, you have control of just about everything don't you? Politics, the majority of the wealth, and now the current social climate is decidedly pro white male. (See news stories about Micron having to be FORCED to ad a female to their board.) First of all, the Catholic church has as much to do with the "War on Terror" as Saddam Hussein does. Get it?! Second, I would never in a thousand years "join up" with the military of this United States – especially as a woman. The U.S. military has a very abominable record when dealing with anything that isn't a white male. Any history book can recount the rampant prejudice and violence against anything that isn’t white or male. Third, the column was about Hillary Clinton and how the typical male couldn't even begin to comprehend a female president, much less "bow" to her. Now we are back on track. You can't even comprehend your own blindness to this entire subject can you? As for "What planet are you from?" (your words, addressing me) I had a couple other thoughts about this whole thing, and I figured that since you are probably back from church now, and are looking to punish some more of us females who should be quietly submitting and sewing quilts in the corner while you spin your wonderfully witty political rubbish, I thought II would post this response for your enjoyment. What planet do I live on? I live on the REALITY planet – the one with starving children, homeless people and forgotten minorities. (See stories currently in the media about Louisiana and Hurricane Katrina) YOU live on the white male SUPREMECY planet – the one where you stuff yourself on fast food, drive a gas-guzzling SUV or pickup truck, have a wife who puts up with your smelly feet, farts and disgusting behaviors and where you often visit a strip club or bar with your friends so you can tell nasty, disgusting demoralizing jokes about women and minorities and then slap each other on the back while you have a good laugh at their expense. Your species also hunts and kills defenseless animals so you can mount their carcasses on the wall and brag about it later. (Some of you even hunt animals that have been fenced in your neighbor's backyard – see current headlines about the Country Music "star") This planet's atmosphere has made you exceptionally delusional, and you think you are demigods, and your current vehicle choice proves it – but only to you. The atmosphere where you live has rendered you totally incapable of detecting things like discrimination, prejudice, or hate unless it is directed at you personally. You regularly vote to support laws making the rich richer and the poor poorer since the poor don't deserve any of your "hard earned" money anyway. Let them eat cake! You parade your super-size ski boat up and down Highway 21 at break-neck speeds regardless of the price of gas or the Highway Patrol. You watch disgusting representations of women on TV and at the movies while your daughter looks on in the background, her tender self image crumbling at the same time it is supposed to be reinforced by your support and love. Shall I go on? Or have you heard enough? I know none of this will hit home, though, because you are so lost in the race to make money, be noticed and have the biggest and best "toys" in the neighborhood that you really don't care anyway. And, after all, that "good ole boy" "why thank you mam" crud swirling around in your head probably doesn't leave much room for reasoning anyway.

Posted by J on 08/27/2006 at 6:08 PM

Re: “MsClintonogyny

Raider fan – Ahh…..obviously one of those fruity, testosterone laden, self absorbed muscle headed Californians! The fact that you started your uneducated comment with the statement that I am a woman automatically shows me where your empty head is at! Is that what bothers you the most? You male chauvinist pig! (I guess you'll have to look the definition of that word up, since you obviously have little education!) I happen to live on planet earth, and you obviously still think you live on the planet CALIFORNIA – the pot smoking, self absorbed fruit and nut capitol of the world! Lets have a little history lesson here, "Raider Fan" – The Catholic church is also responsible for the indiscriminate selfish slaughter of millions of people throughout the history of the world, but then, I guess History wasn't one of your better subjects in school. Do you think that this means we should put the current Pope in prison? Shall we hold him responsible for the lives lost throughout history? Let justice prevail! (I understand that the school systems in California are extremely poor – I guess we can cut you a little slack, considering you come from such an illiterate state!) Next Question: Was Saddam Hussein even CONNECTED TO THE EVENTS OF 9 –11???? No!!!! So therefore, your recitation of skewed facts is, as it always has been, completely null and void! And another thing Mr. Testosterone: Women in general do not necessarily "hate the military" – But I can tell you, muscle head, that there are better ways to resolving conflict than fists, bombs, and misdirected testosterone! Go back to your cave Neanderthal! Oh – and next time try using spell check you idiot you misspelled quite a few words – English must not have been your subject either!!! But - I bet you were on the football team!

Posted by J on 08/27/2006 at 10:43 AM

Re: “MsClintonogyny

This is the first time that I have been driven to comment on a column in the Boise Weekly. Bill Cope is my hero!! I have read several of his columns and have been astounded that there is someone who lives here that actually has the balls to "Call it like it is"! This area of the country has been so inundated with white male supremacy for so long, I doubted the existence of anyone with the ability to think and reason on his own. From the transplanted rich self absorbed southern Californians to the "Christian" white male Mormons to the Great White Hunters, it seems that the entire state is flooded with testosterone! A voice is crying in the wilderness of ignorance, stupidity and pseudo-maleness exists, and his name is Bill Cope!! I must commend Mr. cope for his courage in tackling issues such as Hillary Clinton's threatening status as a powerful female! It's so good to hear from someone who is not afraid to step out of the acceptable "norm" and toss a symbolic pie of contention right in the center of the bull's eye!! (Unlike bikeboy who is lost in his tired political rhetoric, name calling, and gender biased attitudes - by the way, bikeboy - get a LIFE!) I am female (and NOT an "easy" target as you may assume bikeboy!) and I am extremely tired of the way our society continually ignores the contributions of women and has turned most recently into a vindictive, gender biased mass of robotic idiots! If you have any doubt as to the gender bashing that is currently happening, tune into one of the idiotic radio talk shows which dominate the airwaves during the morning commute, and you will witness the despicable verbal trouncing and ridiculing of women in general. If these talk shows referred to any other minority in this country the way they do women, they would quickly be put out of business by the ACLU. The only point I feel Mr. Cope did not address properly is that IF Mr. Clinton had been a Republican, #1. The whole incident would have been buried, just like the indiscretions of past presidents, and #2. Hillary would have been immortalized for her long suffering, patience and willingness to "stand by her man!" If someone like Hillary had been the president instead of the weak minded, weak willed automaton that is now in office, we wouldn't be in this war, 3,000+ American lives would be spared, and OSAMA BIN LADEN WOULD BE IN JAIL OR DEAD instead of some obscure idiot named SADDAM HUSSEIN!! It's time to "WAKE UP AMERICA"!! Enough of the gender profiling, political labeling and name calling, and let's get the current Regime out of office once and for all!! Women of America WAKE UP and stand against the current onslaught of false male supremacy! Stop competing against each other to be the mate of the Alpha male or his "toy" and start making a real difference - your grand daughters are depending on you!!

Posted by J on 08/26/2006 at 3:34 PM

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