January 25 - January 31, 2007 

What a month!

Over the years I've been a sporadic reader, and I hope in 2007 to improve my readership. I just wanted to share this.

FREE: Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.; FREE: Frank Church Institute global warming workshops; $5: Al Gore.Thank you Boise Weekly for opportunities in education, a chance of a lifetime meeting and a "political win."

I attended these events plus spoke with a freshman BSU student from Atlanta, Georgia; bought a book with borrowed money (already repaid) from another stranger while waiting in line for the Rev. Jackson's signature; drove the student home; carpooled with a friend of 20 years to educate ourselves on climate control and heard my political candidate for president sharing an evening in with thousands of others. WOW--what a wonderful place we live in for opportunity! What a January, and it isn't over yet. Let's continue to take advantage of our college town's events, and educating ourselves about our world. I'm glad to be a part of Boise, Garden City and the Treasure Valley !!!

--Nancy L. Sopwith,

Garden City

Curing Cancer

This week, our nation's cancer authorities are celebrating the American Cancer Society's report that the total number of cancer deaths declined by 3,014 (a whopping 0.5 percent) from 556,902 in 2003 to 553,888 in 2004. Biomedical researchers are certain to request more funding in their quest for the magic cancer pill. Yet, cancer, like heart disease and other chronic illnesses, is a largely self-inflicted condition. Two years ago, the same organization estimated that 62 percent of all cancer deaths could be prevented by regular screenings, exercise and quitting tobacco and meat products. Smoking is associated chiefly with increased risk of lung cancer. But scores of scientific studies have linked meat consumption with cancers of the stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, colon, rectum, esophagus, lungs, breast, uterus, cervix, ovaries, prostate and testicles. The mother of all such studies, the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), involves 521,483 individuals in 10 different European countries with widely varying diets. Since 1992, EPIC has published nearly 80 scientific papers on the relationship between diet and cancer.

Diverting a small fraction of the millions currently spent on the magic cancer pill toward nutrition education and healthful plant-based meals in schools would work magic in vanquishing this dreaded disease.

--Bradley Genna,


Craig's tantrum

What's up with Larry Craig's latest snit fit? He was robbed! The Peoples Choice for the blue ribbon at the Ada County Fair in the global warming insight category was snatched from his grasp and thrust into the sweaty palm of that meddlesome Al Gore. Asked why 10,000 fairgoers grabbed all the tickets in record time in order to digest details of scientific observation and consensus about global warming at Mr. Gore's gig, Larry intimated it had nothing to do with scientific consensus and the intelligence of concerned Idahoans wanting to consider the evidence and options, but rather it was that sinister Hollywood Hype Machine that's responsible for turning their minds to fudge and luring them out of their excessively CO2 emitting shacks, into CO2 belching vehicles and off to hear the obviously phony evidence. A friend of a friend of an enemy of Larry's confessed to having seen a preview of Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and was told the scientific consensus: global warming is happening rapidly, humans are contributing significantly, and there are specific ways we can slow and reverse this trend and calamity if we choose to do so. With a finger raised to the wind, Larry grudgingly admitted that warming is occurring, but that he does not believe human choice of activities has anything to do with it. When asked if he had reviewed any of those silly before and after photos, pesky graphs and inconvenient numbers contained in the documentary to point out their Irritating Untruths by actually watching the film, Larry in a succinct and devastating defense of digging one's heels in against reason at all costs was heard to bark a defiant, "Heckfire No!" as he craned his long neck and rammed his head below the surface of the simmering quicksand. An endless supply of homework-eating hounds licked their chops.

--W.M. 'Ned' Fowkes,


good for otter

I think there's a bigger issue than the wolf one here. We'll be able to see what kind of integrity our governor has because of his statements. He comes, reportedly, from a rancher background, and it stands to reason that ranchers--whose livelihood is, oftener and oftener these days, being eaten by wolves--do not like canis lupis. Lo and behold, our new governor makes an un-PC, but seemingly heartfelt comment about wolves. Well, good for him--he's boldly being true to his roots in front of the Idaho that elected him for what he is and all that stuff--right in front of the TV cameras ... if he goes through with his statement. But wait- he made this statement in front of the [Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife] (a group that is controversial itself in the world of hunters). Was our newbie governor just kissing up to a faction of his constituency? If he caves when he is in front of Idahoans who actually like wolves, his character is pretty much down the ramp, in my book. Judge his worth as a governor and how he will stand on other issues by how he maintains his stance on the wolf topic.

I think it is only reasonable that wolves be maintained at the number they were expected to attain before delisting. That number was 30 breeding pairs distributed throughout Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Presently, the Idaho Fish and Game's conservative estimate of wolf packs (meaning those with a collared member) included 70 packs--and well over 30 breeding pairs--in Idaho alone. Population rates are projected to continue at a 20 percent increase rate until the prey base is exhausted. Couple these stats with wolf planting being the result of a federal mandate that the majority of Idaho opposed--and the governor has pretty firm political and biological footing on this one. A reduction in wolf force will certainly not "re-endanger" them, but it will do elk calves a big favor.

As for the common pro-wolf assertion that wolves have "never attacked a human, ever," this depends upon what you qualify as an attack.  The requirements for a "documented attack" vary depending upon whom you are talking with, but generally, said requirements are stringent enough to require the attack-ee to walk into a fish and game office with his or her doctor and lawyer in tow, then keel over dead, all the while doing so with the wolf (which must be killed and certified to be healthy) still attached to his or her ass.

--Dale Garrard

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