January 25, 2006 

“When a man sleeps in his bed, his soul leaves him to soar above; each soul according to its’ own way”… —The Zohar

Dear Dream Zone, I was at (not in) a Concentration Camp. I knew that my former husband was there and I knew that they were going to start some really bad experimental drugs on him. I was negotiating with them to use less damaging drugs on him. I was gone for a while and came back to find they had put him in the general population. It meant that I would never see him again nor would I know what happened to him. —Deborah 57, San Francisco, CA

Lauri: In what way is your ex husband trapped or being unjustly punished? The drugs in this dream indicate that you feel he has a distorted perspective of something or perhaps that he is even “under the influence” of someone or something. Just as you were negotiating in the dream for less harmful drugs, have you been negotiating with him to come around and have some sense? Eventually he is released and you know that you will never see him again. This indicates that even though he eventually became free of this influential person or thing, you don’t feel you will ever “see him” the same way again.

Deborah replies: My husband left me for a woman he met on the Internet while under the influence of “younger woman” syndrome. She eventually depleted him of all his money. We still have contact and I only want the best for him. I have moved on and am engaged and he is currently struggling to get back on his feet.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Ever wake up with a buzzing or ringing in your ears? During R.E.M. sleep, which is when we dream, the Hammer and Stirrup bones in the ear, actually vibrate, which contributes to our ability to hear what's going on in our dreams. Sometimes, this vibration continues for a bit after waking and produces "random" noise. It might sound like "footsteps" or "laughter" or even an "evil chuckle!!" Yikes!

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