January 26, 2005 

Flip-side of the Co-op

No, the Co-op is not building a giant add-on--the parking lot is too small already, and nobody wants to pave more paradise. Yes, they are planning to scour the interior of the former Incredible Edibles (sniff) to make room for a new concept restaurant called the Flip-side Cafe dedicated to delicious, nutritious dining. General Manager Ken Cavanaugh has been trend-watching for over a year and realized that a lot of Co-ops are opening restaurants that demonstrate the sorts of dishes the average shopper can make with raw goods from the grocery side of the business. So this spring, Cavanaugh's vision will take shape in the form of an organic, vegetarian-friendly eatery with a full coffee bar (Thomas Hammer), breakfast and lunch menus and evening classes about gourmet cooking, living gluten free, planting perennials, proactive nutrition and a host of other topics that explore heathy lifestyles. Jodi Peterson, Director of Marketing and Advertising at the Co-op, said that the food will stand up to the standards of its mother deli, but head chef Brook Slee is all about food that is wholesome without sacrificing flavor, texture or the thrill of reasonable indulgence. So if you're looking for a happy tummy and a healthy conscience or just another great venue for learning, keep an eye on 8th and Fort Street. More to come ...

Super Bowl Super Food

Manager Ricki Radford from the Eagle City Market deli is the answer to all of your Super Bowl woes. She can't do anything about the stained carpets and broken furniture (the work of over-excited football buffs on game day), but she can customize the deli's catering menu to fit your party plans and budget. Whether you're anticipating a small get together of family and friends or a function for dozens of beanie-weenie aficionados, the City Market Deli has what you need to make it a special occasion.

For two, three or four dollars per person, your guests can dine on delicious appetizer selections that run the gamut of tastes and styles. Highlights include savory palmiers, blue cheese artichoke dip with bread, chevre-stuffed cherry tomatoes, lemon prawn pate, huckleberry baked brie, assorted finger sandwiches, fruit and vegetable baskets with complimenting dips, pinwheels of curry chicken, roasted red pepper, smoked turkey and olive cream cheese, cucumber rounds with turkey and chutney, spinach feta triangles, chicken satay, poached salmon, sesame-seared salmon bites, chutney meatballs, tarragon mustard shrimp and much more.

If you have specific requests such as hot wings, submarine sandwiches, salads or other picnic-style items, all you have to do is ask. Just about anything is possible. The quoted prices represent what would be charged to feed a single person and include use of chaffing dishes for hot foods. If tray prices are preferred, they can be quoted separately. Delivery (including pick-up) is $25, and serving staff is available at $18 per person, per hour.

Ricki Radford is available at 938-3408 ext. 2 or ricki_vee@yahoo.com.

Beer and Sausage SOIREE

To help you plan your Superbowl menu, the folks at the Boise Co-op invite you to sample beer, homemade sausages and buffalo wings all day on January 30. All beers will be sold at a 10% discount and all sausages will be $2 less per pound. So if you and your game-day crew want high quality food for low prices, don't miss this one-day event at the Co-op.

Boise Co-op, 888 W. Fort St., 472-4500.

Thai Valentine

Valentine's Day is all about love and giving, so why not channel your amorous energy into helping Tsunami victims before the big day? Sa-wad-dee Thai Restaurant is making sure that your contributions will be rewarded by offering free lunch when you donate a minimum of $5 to the Thai Red Cross. 100 percent of proceeds will be used to help aid workers and devastated people overseas, and the meal promises to delight your senses and warm your heart almost as much as a box of chocolate.

FREE lunch (post-donation) will be served from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on January 31, drinks not included. Sa-wad-dee Thai, 1890 E. Fairview Avenue, Meridian, 884-0701.

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