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Re: “Red is O.C.D.*

Well bg that logic of your sure is full of some holes. I suppose one could make the case, using the same line of logic as you, that there is no real need for, say, multi-gear mountain bikes with all the bells and whistles. Or that there is no real need for a big butcher knife since you can cut just fine with a butter knife. Hell, one could make a case for a whole slew of extra fancy things that we don't "need." But the framers of the constitution,and the American public in general are a little bit smarter than that. Are rights aren't left up to the percieved needs of a government entity(this idea is rooted in Marxist ideology). Sadly, we've allowed our rights slowly slip away, or be restricted and heavly regulated. Big Gear is still aping that failed argument that somehow private gun ownership can only be exclusively tied to hunting. That is a tired canard, not even worth rebuking. All I can is, big gear, if you don't get it by now then I doubt you ever will. I happen to believe that no one with an opinion really needs to post it online or in print media, myself included. But we are not a nation founded in 'needs' but rather a nation of individual rights. It'd be nice if we started to act like it.

Posted by Joe_Blo on 08/25/2008 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Red is O.C.D.*

hahah So Cope's got a gun bluff too, eh? Hey Billy-bob you do see the irony in this I hope. In order for your gun bluff to work one must assume that you have ready access to an operable firearm, kinda goes out the window if you ever succeeded in banning them or curtailing where and how they may be carried. It raises an interesting issue though. Your gun bluff relies on the idea of private gun ownership. The same gun owners (of which you may or may not be) you fondly refer to as "dumb turd gun crackers". Even Bill Cope won't admit whether or not he owns an 'ambulatory dildo'.Priceless. You are right about one thing though, our rights are not dependent on each other, nor do they depend on what the government may or may not allow. Our rights depend solely on "we the people." The second we stop exercising them is the moment we become vulnerable to losing them. I'm suprised a self-described liberal would be so eager to lay down his rights. As for stats I have a feeling that the number of crimes prevented by guns probably falls somewhere between The Census Bureau's stats and Mr. Kleck's. But heres something to think about. 99% of teenagers that committed suicide in the last 20 years had access to television sets. Scary isn't it;)

Posted by Joe_Blo on 08/24/2008 at 2:35 PM

Re: “Openly Scary

Don't worry Cope, You've blown enough "gaskets" for all of us. It must really pain you to live in Idaho, a state where even a dem has to have a photo op with a gun, in order to have a 'shot' at getting elected. And of course you are in no way projecting your own personal phobias and insecurities when you use language like "ambulatory dildo" and "gun crackers" (wink wink). It must get lonely being the only man that actually is an island. I'm sure you can relate to guys like Kim "why can't more people be smart rike me?" Jong Il. All I can say is that it brings a smile to my face to read that you finally admit to being on the wrong side of the gun debate, even though you'll reckognize it. It's a good thing when free people exercise their rights and freedoms, obviously you disagree. I wonder what this country might look like if the rest of us were as selective with our freedoms as you are with yours....I wonder indeed. See you at the zoo ;-)

Posted by Joe_Blo on 08/07/2008 at 7:23 PM

Re: “7 Billion Beasts

How many of you try to stop famine and starvation in developing worlds? Well stop it because you are killing the planet. How many of you protest needless war? Well stop it you are killing the planet. How many of you want to find a cure for HIV/AIDS? Well stop it you are killing the planet. See a theme here folks? Oh and Bill, you should take the first steps and lead the way. Instead of bitching at the choir, hows about you stop driving all together, sell your house and move into a cave. grow and hunt your own food organically. And Sterilize your daughter. I know it sounds harsh but maybe there will only be 6,999,999,999 beast instead.

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Posted by Joe_Blo on 07/22/2008 at 10:08 PM

Re: “Borne arms

So how would a city gun ban have prevented Jason Hamilton from going on his shooting rampage? Mr.Hoffman seems more concerned with villianizing guns and gun owners, and not too concerned with facts. Seems to me there were laws already in place that should kept Mr. Hamilton from having firearms prior to the shooting. Why were these laws not enforced? There is a gun ban in place on Virginia Tech's campus and that has kept no one safe. Nor have gun bans kept murders in Washington DC down. Perhaps Mr.Hoffman would have us believe the only logical answer to violent crime and violent criminals is submission. Oops, time to go clean my guns now.

Posted by Joe_Blo on 07/17/2008 at 9:43 PM

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