John Scalzi at the Boise Public Library 

Thursday, Aug. 20

The truth—and science fiction—is out there.

The truth—and science fiction—is out there.

Science fiction has the power to remind us of how small humans are against the backdrop of the cosmos. Stories about androids, cloning and human augmentation challenge our day-to-day attitudes toward technology. At sci-fi's forefront is Hugo Award-winning author John Scalzi, whose Old Man's War novel series—a tale of augmented soldiers protecting human colonists against a slew of alien races—has gained worldwide recognition for its originality and depth. He'll be at the Boise Public Library Hayes Auditorium Thursday, Aug. 20, at 7 p.m. to discuss his latest work, The End of All Things, the latest installment in the Old Man's War series , which covers a series of alien attacks against Earth and its colonies. The event is courtesy of BPL and Rediscovered Books.

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