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It's the number of oceans in the world and the number of senses we have. It's the number of arms on a star fish. It's boron's atomic number, the smallest note of the Euro, the number of digits in a U.S. zip code and the number of cents in a nickel. It's also the number of years the Barnes flag has been hoisted over the U.S.S. Boise Weekly, as it continues its often perilous journey through the murky waters of local social and cultural commentary.

In homage to our fearless leader and in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Barnes captainship, we went in search of other things of note bearing some semblance of the Sally Barnes stamp. Our search turned up a biography of a well-respected figure in the Irish Smoked Fish and Slowfood businesses, a collection of TV episodes featuring an English comedienne, a discarded collection of chewed bubble gum and two cocktails (this is a drink column, after all).

From that list, only the cocktails can be credited to our dearly loved publisher, but feats they are, and catching in popularity, too. Known by bartenders all over town as the Sally Barnes, the original Barnes poison has not only caught on with BW staffers, but has recently generated an equally delicious spin-off courtesy of The MilkyWay's Pat Carden, the Sassy Sally. And it is with visions of sparking a Sally Barnes spin-off cocktail mix-off among BW's favorite hangouts that we bring to you the recipes for the diva's two (thus far) cocktails.

The Sally Barnes

• Absolut Mandarin

• soda and a splash of cranberry juice

• garnish with a lime

The Sassy Sally

• Pearl Pomegranate Vodka

• soda and a splash of cranberry juice

• garnish with a lime

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