Josh Taylor's Friends forever, August 16 

Oy ... where to start with Josh Taylor's Friends Forever? First, the irony of the band's name: When they put out their only release, 2003's Killball, FF was made up of three hairy men on bass, drums and keyboards; since then, founder Josh has replaced the dudes with an equivalent number of nubile blonde women in bikinis. That's friendship for you. Second, the ride: FF is always known-as anyone (read: no one) who witnessed their obscure 2001 self-titled documentary is aware-to play out of the side of a VW bus. Aside from avoiding endless soundchecks and opening bands, this allows them to explore their third defining characteristic-a pyrotechnics display consisting of smoke bombs and whistling petes strapped to the members' heads, instruments and on top of the van.

In larger cities, FF has played behind art galleries and record stores. In Boise, appropriately, they graced a church parking lot just off of Main Street. How the three young lasses kept cool heads while playing under showers of sparks is anybody's guess, but for every leering eye in the tiny audience, there was another one wincing in anticipation of the inevitable scars. If FF had played for more than 15 minutes, perhaps the coppers would have been drawn by the billowing smoke and keyboard rills. As it was, the group's reeling, cartoonish instrumental punk thrilled about 20 people for their maximum attention span, at which point we all staggered home and immediately called 20 others to rub it in their faces.

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