Jucifer: L'Autrichienne 

Jucifer's latest album, L'Autrichienne, which translates to "the Austrian one," is one of those rare albums that lingers after just one listen. After hearing the album for the first time, I found myself at work the next day thinking about the next time I could listen to it.

The album's cover is an illustration of Marie Antoinette, and the 21 songs, some sung in French and others in English, roughly chronicle the rise and fall of the 18th century beauty, nicknamed "L'Autrichienne" by the French who hated her. True to her turbulent and ultimately tragic life, the music makes abrupt transitions from placid chords to the violent thrashing Jucifer is so well-known for.

Amber Valentine proves her versatility as her high, clear voice shifts from angelic to vicious. She and her partner, Edgar Livengood, play all the instruments heard on the album, from the standard guitar and drums to cello, banjo and even a knife sharpener.

The duo creates such a racket and employs such an impressive stack of amps that some have been known to feel ill at their shows from the vibration. It's no small feat for two people who spend life traveling in their Winnebago, constantly on tour. This year marks the first tour in which Jucifer will travel to Europe—a testament to their growing popularity.

The ability to leave an immediate and lasting impression on a listener is an incredible success for an artist, and L' Autrichienne is a perfect example of music that will stay with you.

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