July 21 2004 



Mayor David Bieter appointed Bruce D. Chatterton as director of the city's Planning and Development Services department.

Chatterton has managed planning and zoning services for the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the past three years. He will replace Wayne Gibbs, who has been acting director of the department since October 2003.


In an effort to curb cross-country travel Boise National Forest officials announced plans to restrict ATVs, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles to roads and designated trails. Violators face a fine of up to $5,000 and up to six months in jail. The new rule will likely take effect this fall.



Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden wants the University of Idaho Foundation to pay the state $18 million to cover losses resulting from the bungled University Place development. Wasden states the monies lost in the ill-fated venture resulted in losses to accounts that pay for scholarships and other university programs.

Foundation directors at the helm from 2001 to 2003--when the fiasco unfolded--could be held civilly liable for the board's decisions.

Some of those directors include: Boise banker J. Patrick McMurray; former Boise Cascade CEO John Fery; Boise legal eagle Roy Eiguren; former director of the Idaho Department of Commerce and advisor of Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne James V. Hawkins; former Congressman Orval Hansen; former chief of staff for Governor Dirk Kempthorne Phil Reberger; former Albertson CEO and acting UI President Gary Michael; State Senator Brad Little; and former director Idaho Department of Commerce Gary Mahn.

To view the Prince Report, an audit of the University Place project by Boise attorney Larry Prince for the Idaho State Board of Education, go to www.uidaho.edu/princereport/.


On Friday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit struck down Idaho's parental consent law.

The law prevented teens under 18 from having an abortion unless they got the written consent of a parent or permission from a judge.

In its ruling the court concluded that the law was unconstitutional because it would "interfere with a woman's choice to undergo an abortion procedure if continuing her pregnancy would constitute a threat to her health."

To read the ruling, go to www.ce9.uscourts.gov, click on "opinions," then go to Planned Parenthood v. Lance.


Robert E. Smylie, Idaho's only governor to serve three consecutive terms, died Saturday at the age of 89. Smylie accomplished much during his tenure earning him national stature. Considered by many to be Idaho's best governor, Smylie was responsible for implementing a five-day workweek and retirement plan for state employees and creating the Idaho Historical Museum and state parks system. His support of the three-cent sales tax was crucial in balancing Idaho's budget and providing much needed education funding.

A funeral service is planned for 3 p.m. Wednesday, July 21, at the Cathedral of the Rockies located at 11th and Hays streets.



A recent study of the Northern Yellowstone elk herd found that 85 percent of deaths each year are due to hunters or harsh winter weather. Wolves and other predators are responsible for only 15 percent of deaths. The findings, presented by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Ed Bangs to the Colorado Wolf Management Working Group in Denver last week, help dispel myths and misinformation about wolves.

"I came in with a bias against wolves because I'm a hunter and I heard they decimate elk herds," Michael Bond, a sportsmen's representative, told the Rocky Mountain News. "But after listening to the game and fish people in Montana and Idaho, I'm learning we don't know enough scientific facts yet to make many assumptions."



The U.S. Senate handed President George W. Bush a humiliating defeat on July 14 by rejecting a bid to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

The amendment was effectively defeated when the Senate, by a 48-50 vote, opposed a measure to end debate on the issue.

Idaho senators Larry Craig and Mike Crapo support the amendment.


"As we've learned in the past, we are going to pay for your sins."

--Mayor David Bieter to Capital City Development Corporation Executive Director Phil Kushlan at a July 13 joint discussion between Boise City Council and CCDC at City Hall.

"It's an incredible gold rush."

--Seattle columnist and peace activist Geov Parrish discussing the money corporations are making from Iraq reconstruction at a July 15 talk presented by Idaho Peace Coalition at the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship Church.

"I miss you [hosting National Public Radio's Morning Edition], but I particularly miss you at 19 and 29 minutes after the hour and 21 and 11 minutes before it."

--Boise School District Superintendent Dr. Stan Olson introducing Bob Edwards on July 16 at Boise High School auditorium.

"What we have now is 'infotainment.' We have tabloid journalism. We have crime stories. We have a disease of the week. We have celebrity gossip. We have a lot of things. What we don't have is news."

--NPR's Bob Edwards at a July 16 book tour stop at Boise High School auditorium promoting his new book, Edward R. Morrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism.


The Outstanding Public Debt as of July 20 is $7,280,898,908,510.30.

The estimated population of the United States is 293,781,870, so each citizen's share of this debt is $24,783.35.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.69 billion per day since September 30, 2003.

Source: www.brillig.com/debt_clock/


U.S. CASUALTIES: As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 20, 895 U.S. service members have died since the war in Iraq began in March 2003: 661 in combat and 234 from noncombat-related incidents and accidents. Thirteen U.S. soldiers died last week in Iraq.

Source: U.S. Department of Defense

IRAQI CIVILIAN DEATHS: Estimated between 11,252 and 13,213.

Source: www.iraqbodycount.org

COST OF IRAQ WAR: $122,488,000,000.

Source: costofwar.com

--Compiled by Cynthia Sewell

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