July 21 2004 

Matt Damon Comes to Boise

"I can't yo-yo," said Matt Damon, star of the new film The Bourne Supremacy. He can't dance well either, he adds. And when asked what he'd do if he were in a talent show, he answered, "If I was in a talent show? Uh, I don't know how I'd end up in a talent show." What a disappointment, Matt Damon is just a regular guy without any tricks.

Boiseans had the chance to see an advance screening of the sequel to 2002's The Bourne Identity at the Egyptian Theater on Saturday, July 17. And to see Damon and the film's producer Frank Marshall support the benefit for Boise Contemporary Theater. Marshall has close ties to Boise; he's been visiting regularly for the last 30 years. Why? "It's fresh and everybody loves it."

Both walked a makeshift red carpet that was lined with scads of meticulously coifed teenage girls--and grown men--who just wanted a glimpse of Boise's favorite revisiting silver screener (sorry, Bruce Willis, that shirtless stunt at Big Easy dropped your rank.)

"You're great! I love you! You're gorgeous!" a particularly crazed gentleman yelled as Damon walked the aisle.

"Keep an eye on him, seriously," Damon instructed a muscled security guy. "That guy just grabbed my ass!"

Fans were pretty much fanatic. But the enthusiasts weren't limited to people who still have lockers. "His hand lingered, outstretched. He touched me!" gushed another reporter.

Aside from helping BCT fill their pockets, he really left an impression on Boise. And it seems Boise made an impression on him too. "I love it here!" he confirmed. "Except for the guy that just grabbed my ass!" :

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