July 26, 2006 

“He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens.” —Carl G. Jung

Dear Dream Zone, A week or so after my mom passed away, I had a very vivid dream that she and I were standing in her kitchen. I said to her, "put down those utensils so I can hug you," and she did. It was a very beautiful and fulfilling hug. But, all along, I was focused on these utensils that she had put down and what a bright shade of yellow they were. I then woke up and realized my mom was hugging me goodbye since she passed so suddenly. But what was the significance of the bright yellow? —Debbie, Syracuse, NY

Lauri: Wow! I love hearing about these "contact" dreams. They always bring me so much comfort... as I'm sure this dream brought to you! Your dream took place in a kitchen because you will always associate your mom with the kitchen, as this may be where much of your relationship with her developed, and where much of the wisdom she passed on to you took place. This is what the cooking utensils are all about. They represent the "tools" she has passed on to you. You not only learned your cooking skills from her, but you also learned your morals and your belief system. These are the tools you need and will continue to use throughout your life and perhaps even pass on to your children. Why were they yellow? Yellow is a very bright and cheerful color. She is telling you to be happy.

Debbie replies: How very insightful and helpful your interpretation was! My mother and I were very close indeed and a lot of our closeness took place in that very kitchen. I learned so much of my cooking skills from her and am working to pass that same closeness and cooking skills to my niece, Andrea.

Fascinating Dream Fact: A recent study from the University of Vienna, Austria found that women remember their dreams more when sleeping alone and men have better dream recall after having sex! Hee hee.

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