July 4-July 10 

Bipartisan "Sicko"

I recently saw Michael Moore's Sicko at the Flicks, and it did not disappoint. I expected to be stirred, and Moore delivered. I left the movie with thoughts swirling, wondering when change would come.

If it had not been for an advertisement in the Boise Weekly for the premiere at The Flicks, I would not have even known the movie was in theaters yet. The ad said that the premiere would be a fund-raiser for the Ada County Democrats.

After seeing the movie, this sort of struck me as odd, as it would somehow suggest that Michael Moore's views are in line with those of the Democratic Party. If anything, I think Moore has aptly demonstrated how the Democratic Party has fallen down on the job and is now essentially a part of our systemic problems. In Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore criticizes the Democrats, for being afraid to continue asking the questions that needed to be asked before the invasion of Iraq.

In Sicko, Moore doesn't let up on the Democrats. He shows us that the Democratic leaders in this country answer to the same entities that the Republicans do ... the corporations. Even Hillary Rodham Clinton, once a force to be reckoned with on the debate over universal health care, sells out to the biggest campaign contributer in the end. This whole "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality has turned me away from the Democratic Party. How is this a "two-party" system?

One party panders to the money more blantantly than the other, but that's the biggest difference, as far as I can tell.

I do not believe the Democrats will change the system that will make health care more accessible for all Americans. In order for things to change, Americans need to get fed up enough with the hypocrisy of our leaders.

We will need to demand more leadership options. Otherwise, policy will continue to be driven by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, Lilly, Merck ... oh, and Halliburton, of course.

Just because Michael Moore skewers the right, that doesn't mean he's on board with the so-called "left." I think he looks at the bigger picture.

—LaDonna Jeffs, Boise

From BW's Online Comments

Thanks, thanks for the review of Green Is The Color of Money (BW, Screen, "Colorful Camera Work," June 27, 2007). Like Gary Christensen and his design and construction crews on the Banner Bank Building, I worked with a large group of professional production people as we created the Green Is The Color of Money documentary, and they are all Idahoans. As co-chair last year of the Idaho Film Task Force, I met a wide range of excellent professional production people throughout the state, and, again much like the building, it was terrific to create a world-class production working with local pros.

The only thing we couldn't get done in Idaho was the DVD cover printing on recycled cardboard with soy-based inks, and now I think we can do that here in Idaho as well; DVD Shipping: Specialty Fulfillment Center, Nampa, Idaho. An all Idaho production—and it is now traveling around the world telling its Idaho story!

—Ben Shedd, Boise

I read this article in absolute amazement that a city councilman would say these comments about our Peace Officers (BW, News, "War of Words," June 27, 2007). Regardless of how he thinks the union is handling the negotiations, he should NEVER refer to our peace officers as "on dope and dog food." Now that, Mr. Shealy, is completely out of line and a PUBLIC apology should be made to our fine peace officers. Mr. Shealy, have you ever been on a ride-along with our peace officers ... not just one night, but several nights in a row?

Before you open your loud and offensive mouth again, maybe you should walk a mile in their shoes. Mr. Shealy, you are an embarassment to ME as a citizen. You need to leave. Seriously. OUR police officers deserve better respect.


SCREEEEEECH!!!! Mr. Shealy, any idea what that sound was? You're right, it was your political career coming to a grinding halt (BW, News, "War of Words," June 27, 2007). Your insincere and arrogant (not to mention, way too late) attempt at an apology on the news isn't going to work. Your true colors have been made known and no amount of backpedaling on your part can make it better. You should keep your day job. Not that you had much of a chance in the first place, but your aspirations at a U.S. Senate seat are now nothing more than a fantasy. Good luck and watch out for stray dogs!!


"They are on dope and dog food"?? (BW, News, "War of Words," June 27, 2007.)

Why, Alan, I really doubt they are on dope (it's illegal you know) and if you would ratify a decent contract maybe they wouldn't have to be on dog food either! I am taking it you have decided not to seek re-election. That statement just slit your political throat! You have finally "outed" yourself as an elitist snob who thinks that a sizeable portion of the city employees are just plebian and beneath you.

—Jim Monihan

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