July 5—July 11 


In the picture montage accompanying last week's Noise feature, "Celebrate Indie-Pendence," James Orr was said to be in the photo on the bottom-right. He isn't.

Cope is Buggin'

I love you, Boise Weekly. Promise you'll never, ever go away. But Bill Cope's article about Andy Hedden-Nicely, well, I'm sorry, I just don't agree (BW, Cope, "One Party's Better," June 30, 2006). Normally, Cope sees through the political-speak of both sides and present some real gems of--I'm going to say it, even if no one else agrees--wisdom. But if he really thinks that Democrats are somehow exempt from the bullshit bug that is currently bringing the Republicans to the brink of oblivion (though the Repubs may not really realize it yet), then he's just plain wrong. I don't know Mr. Hedden-Nicely. I don't agree with much that he's said in your paper and others. But at least he's advising us to look beyond the blind team mentality.

--Jim Armstrong,

Twin Falls 

Editor's Note: To read Andy Hedden-Nicely's response to Bill Cope's column last week, visit Opinion online at www.boiseweekly.com.

Joy to the Editor

Recently, I read that one of the library patrons complained about adult material in the library: The Joy of Sex and The Joy of Gay Sex (BW, News, "The Books Remain," June 21, 2006). He was concerned that a child would get ahold of these books. He allegedly stated that he took and will not return a copy of The Joy of Gay Sex because he doesn't want anyone else to see it. Another man, a trustee, said he'd rather his 9-year-old took up smoking than see the pictures in the book.

I am desperately trying to see how taking up a deadly vice and seeing pictures of two men making love compare.

My one comment--and this is for everyone: Why would you leave your child alone and unsupervised anywhere, even the library? If you are being a good, attentive parent, you know your child's not in the adult book section.

The library's solution to the complaints was to move the books out of the reach of young children. Hurrah for the board of directors at the library. They did not cave to the ignorant.

--Reme C. Aleck

Arlington Heights, IL 

No More Roads!

Jim Risch, the new governor of Idaho, is eager to provide a petition to the Secretary of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., to develop a sizeable share of the 9.3 million acres of roadless backcountry in Idaho. These lands are heart and soul of the state, providing needed solitude, hunting,  fishing, clean water and backcountry recreation--the reason many of us live here. A Trout Unlimited document reports that roadless areas in  Idaho are the best habitat for trout, salmon and steelhead, as well as the best opportunities for big game. In contrast, road building and logging of roadless areas is a waste of taxpayer dollars in environmentally harmful subsidies. Having recently spent time in four of the Rocky Mountain National Parks, I am now more convinced than ever we need to protect our roadless sites. Even as late as October, scores of folks were hiking the park trails and competing for camping sites. Many of our recreational lands are yet uncrowded, but that will change rapidly, since Idaho is the third fastest growing state in the nation. The message to Gov. Risch is many communities closest to wild areas are among the locales with the healthiest economics. Saving roadless sites is crucial to the future of states like Idaho and Montana both economically and ecologically. 

--Fred W. Rabe 

Moscow, Idaho 

Soy and Sparklers

What ever happened to the good old days when the worst things we had to fear on the 4th of July was traffic jams and wayward fireworks? According to the government's Meat and Poultry Hotline, this year's threat is food poisoning from inadequately grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Unfortunately, additional grilling releases cancer-causing compounds. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that deadly pathogens in meat products sicken millions of consumers annually and kill as many as 9,000. Key offenders are E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. 

Fortunately, ingenious American manufacturers have developed a great variety of veggie burgers and soy dogs that are healthful, delicious, convenient and available in every supermarket. And they don't harbor nasty pathogens or cancer-causing agents. 

On this 4th of July, let's stay healthy by declaring our independence from the meat industry. Let's enjoy wholesome meat alternatives, grains, vegetables and fruits at our holiday feast. 

--Bradley Genna,


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