June 21, 2006 

"Your dream state is as personal to you as your thumb prints, as personal to you as your DNA. “ —Leon Nacson

Dear Dream Zone, My aunt was pregnant and asked if I wanted to feel the baby kick. I touched her stomach and all of a sudden the baby's head came out of her stomach and looked at me and then popped back in. Creepy! —Brooke 25, Nashville, TN

Lauri: Dreaming of pregnancy, when there is not a real pregnancy in waking life, means something new is happening in the dreamer's life. Anything new happening with your aunt? If not, then she is standing in for some part of you ... the part of you that is like her or that wants to be like her. Are YOU wanting to become a mom like her? You were able to catch a glimpse of the baby, who came out of her like that movie Alien!! This suggests you've recently caught a glimpse of what is to come into your life ... or what you want to come into your life. And the way she is carrying the pregnancy up high indicates that she—or you—has high hopes for this new thing. Whether it be a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of doing things, it's not quite there yet ... like the baby in her belly, it needs to cook or gestate just a little bit more.

Brooke replies: This makes sense to me. When you said, "are you wanting to become a mom like her" it got me thinking. I am a mom now but I think I do want to become more of a mom like her. She is a great mom and always has things together. She is my role model in motherhood. I had the dream a few weeks ago and if I remember correctly it was one of those "I'm not doing a very good job at this mommy thing" kind of weeks. Thank you!

Fascinating Dream Fact: While sleeping, one man in eight snores, and one in 10 grinds his teeth.

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