June 22, 2005 

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Journalistic Xenophobia

Well, Nicholas, you are a sad boy indeed. Calling Robert Vasquez a xenophobe (BW, News, "Local Xenophobe wants National Power", June 15, 2005), racist or bigot shows your complete lack of understanding of the immigration situation in America. My guess is that you're an open-border freak that does not care about how mass illegal immigration affects a society. Other countries are free to push their poor across the border without any need to make social, economic or democratic changes, while they continue to prop up their corrupt dictatorships. And I guess it's OK to allow those who cross the border illegally to take jobs away from American citizens at dirt cheap wages while we subsidize their behavior with medical care, education and federally funded low-income housing that normally would be reserved for American citizens.

-John Martin

Why do you allow an IDIOT to besmirch the good name of Country Commissioner Robert Vasquez?

Why doesn't Nicholas Collias simply admit he attacks Vasquez because Collias loves cheap illegal slave labor?

Is Nicholas Colitis [sic] working for the big corporations? I have to wonder why this moronic idiot attacks a good man like Robert Vasquez?

As an Editor you should ask the idiot (Collias) what other crimes he approves of. Illegal immigration is a crime against the people of the United States.

-Priscilla Espinoza

Dictionary.com entry for: xen·o·pho·bi·a: (n.) Fear and contempt of strangers or foreign peoples.

News Editor's Note: What can we say? It's a fine line between xenophobia and a simple desire to protect one's nation from the effects of unchecked immigration. Sometimes that line is as simple as Vasquez paralleling the calculated Nazi blitzkrieg across Europe with a community of impoverished laborers who have simply wandered from one abusive, under-regulated system to another. Policy change is one thing; the terms we choose when insulting fellow candidates and browbeating entire constituencies is another debate entirely.


What an interesting response (BW, Mail, Ryan J. Imel, June 15, 2005) to my humorous and well-written "parable of the long forks" (BW, Opinion, "A Day in the Life of a Young Republican", June 1, 2005). The critic seemed to think I was bashing all Republicans that happen to be young rather than critiquing the attitudes of an overtly partisan political organization called the "Young Republicans."

I also stand accused of low blows and personal attacks against all conservatives. The only conservatives I named, besides the made-up Tommy, are all public figures that specialize in low blows and personal attacks. Ironic, huh?

(Please note: I complimented George Will's manners, and Tommy was a misguided but sympathetic character.)

The writer also implied my story was hateful. I would counter that it lies somewhere in the morally relative gray area between sardonic and sad. Everyone knows the old adage that "Conservatives know no irony." How else do you explain the following? My little tail-pulling article is called hateful, but Mike Savage and Ann Coulter and the other wing-screamers are not; Mayor West (R. Spokane), anti-gay crusader, is gay; Family values guru Newt Gingrich has been married three or four times; Rush (lock 'em up) Limbaugh was a drug addict. Irony is hard!

Finally, my critic states in a second letter that conservatives can take in opinions and form moral values, disregarding childish stereotypes. OK. Just today I read in the Statesman that Terri Schiavo's brain was half its normal size and she could not even see, let alone respond to stimuli or feed herself. She was completely brain dead.

So, fair enough. I wait (without holding my breath) for the forthcoming apologies from all the people (you know who they are ... conservative politicians and others) that claimed she was not in a vegetative state, and that her husband tried to kill her, and that called all the officials, judges, doctors, lawyers and police that allowed her to finally die, Nazis. Now that is hateful.

-Chris Morris, Caldwell

BW ... Fair and balanced

I wish to express my appreciation for your willingness to publish letters from all sides of the political spectrum. I just read the letter from Ryan J. Imel (BW, Mail, June 15, 2005). He shares with us that he is not an ignorant Republican, after spending a good deal of time proving beyond a reasonable doubt that that is exactly what he is.

After pointing out that most conservatives have the ability to take in opinions and form moral values, he demonstrates clearly that he doesn't do either very well. His letter is filled with childish and immature stereotypes, while chiding Boise Weekly for doing the same. I really just want to say that it is very important for us to have a source which is willing to present both sides of issues in a reasonable way. I fear that I do not have the ability to do the work you have dedicated yourselves to. I have had to wait 24 hours to get over my nausea and to respond to Mr. Imel's last letter.

We need to listen and not just talk; to try to understand and not to diminish the position of others with whom we disagree. This is the foundation of democracy.

-Tom Edgar, Boise

anonymously yours

I am writing in response to the "Anonymous Neighbor" letter (BW, Mail, June 8, 2005). You were extremely agitated and offended because one of your neighbors left an anonymous note on your doorstep asking you to control your dog's barking. You waxed on endlessly about your hurt feelings, your break-in and subsequent asquistion of very vocal dog, the broken shell that your dog began after this razer-sharp anonymous note forced you to put a shock-collar on it. Despite all your "woe-is-me" blather, by the end of the letter, I felt decidedly sympathic toward your neighbor, and very irritated by you. Go ahead, try to hide under your sarcasm, but it didn't work for me, and I'm sure it didn't work for anyone with a brain reading your letter. The facts are loud and clear-you have an annoying barking dog, a form of noise pollution, and you don't want to fix that. I absolutely love dogs, but everyone knows that nothing can drive you to the brink of insanity like the constant bark of a dog, hour after hour, especially when you are trying to relax. So please, for the sake of "anonymous" neighbors everywhere who don't want to create potential long-term problems by complaining about barking dogs, drop the excuses and fix the problem. And that goes for everyone.

-Anonymous Reader

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