June 25, 2018: What to Know 

  • President Trump on Sunday called for illegal immigrants to be immediately deported without any judicial review, adding that the immigrants were trying to "break into" the country. Reuters reports that, in a series of tweets, Trump didn't differentiate between illegal immigrants and people seeking asylum.

    "When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came," Trump tweeted. "Cannot accept all of the people trying to break into our country. Strong borders, no crime!"

  • The Boise Police Department will be the lead agency in a Critical Incident Task Force investigation into an officer-involved shooting in Meridian. Law enforcement was summoned to the 800 block of Newport Street in Meridian in the afternoon of June 23. That's where police officers said they discovered blood near the front door of a home and located a victim in a domestic incident. When police confronted a male suspect in the backyard of the home, police said he told them he was "not going back to jail" and pulled a weapon. According to a press release, one Meridian police officer fired a Taser at the suspect and a second officer fired a gun, striking the suspect in the chest. The suspect, still unidentified, was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Both officers were placed on leave, pending the investigation.
  • The New York Times has a chilling report on what it calls is a new pattern of 
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    domestic abuse behavior where abusers use internet-connected smart home technology—locks, thermostats, lights and cameras—as a tool of harassment, monitoring, revenge and control against victims. Manufacturers say gadgets can be disabled by changing Wi-Fi passwords, but there is no catchall fix.

  • click to enlarge Little Camas Reservoir - CDHD
    • CDHD
    • Little Camas Reservoir
    Health officials are cautioning the public to steer clear of Little Camas Reservoir, northeast of Mountain Home, due to the presence of high levels of blue-green algae. The Central District Health Department and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality are urging the public to avoid recreating in or near the water. Officials add that drinking water from the reservoir is especially dangerous, and the toxins cannot be removed by boiling or filtering the water. Children and pets are particularly susceptible to illness related to blue-green algae.

  • After being swept at home by the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes last week, the Boise Hawks rebounded with a pair of wins in Oregon this past weekend, beating the Eugene Emeralds 9-4 on June 23 and 5-1 on June 24. The Hawks return home to Memorial Stadium this Tuesday, June 26, when they'll take on the Hillsboro Hops. It will be the season's first "Two for Tuesday" promotion, where fans can purchase a general admission ticket and a hot dog for only two dollars.
  • When tennis superstar Serena Williams returned to the French Open last month, her former No. 1 ranking had plummeted to No. 451 due to her absence from the WTA tour after giving birth to her first child. But officials at the U.S. Open say female tennis players shouldn't be penalized when they go on maternity leave. Sports Illustrated reports that officials at the U.S Tennis Association say forcing a player to come back from pregnancy at a lower ranking than when she left would be like asking a top executive to return to an entry level job.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom weathered some scathing reviews, but still succeeded in taking top box office spot this past weekend, raking in more than $150 million in North American gross receipts. The Hollywood Reporter says Pixar's Incredibles 2 earned another $82 million, bringing its two-week revenue to more than $350 million.
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