June 28—July 3 


Former Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne's former transportation aide Lance Giles tells us that despite two testimonials to the contrary, he does not work at Washington Group International. A news short from 06/21/2006 incorrectly identified Giles as a Washington Groupie, sourcing a Jim Risch staffer for the information.


I don't know how to say it any other way--your periodical is so BAD! I mean it really stinks. Many times it happens to be the only thing in a waiting room, and I have had ample time to read through it. The articles are invective, the cartoons are unfunny, and the whole thing is just vitriolic. The articles, cartoons, opinions are so caustic of President Bush and America that it borders on obsession. Page after page was nothing more than venom-spewing hate-speech. Can you not write anything encouraging or uplifting?  I realize all you liberals know how to do is attack and vilify, but can't you at least try to be positive?

--Brian Henneman,


License to Overkill

Last week, I wrote a letter to the editor concerning a submission from Ro Parker. My poor mind assumed that the hullabaloo centered around the license plate number, which was mistakenly printed in BW as: 1A N6669. It should have been: 1A N666R, as was noted in the following issue. Gee whiz! What a difference!

Ro Parker was outraged by the racial epithet. I think it is time to make it a racial epitaph. Let it die. How can this license plate number be a slur? I think that people may be projecting their own bigotry onto the plate. As a nation we have much work to do on our biases about gender, about race, about religion and about the proper marriage relationship.

Just below Ro Parker's letter in the June 7 BW was the cartoon This Modern World, which featured the Rorschach Test--which is a way to try to understand people by getting them to project their view of the world on a series of inkblots. It is called the projective test. I think we are all actively involved in projecting our biases onto a poor helpless license plate!

--Tom Edgar,


Meat Pollution

Al Gore's riveting documentary An Inconvenient Truth has focused public attention on the looming disaster of global warming and the associated flooding of coastal communities, extreme weather conditions and destruction of wildlife habitats. Global warming is brought on by emission of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide and the much more potent methane and nitrous oxide.

Most of us blame automotive and industrial emissions. But animal agriculture is a major culprit as well. Carbon dioxide emissions result from forests being burned to create animal pastures and from fossil fuel combustion to operate farm machinery, trucks, refrigeration equipment, factory farms and slaughterhouses. Methane is also emitted from the digestive tracts of cattle and nitrous oxide from animal waste cesspools.

According to a recent University of Chicago study, a meat-free diet reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year--as much as switching from an SUV to a hybrid car. Folks who care about the future of life on Earth would be well advised to switch to a meat-free diet even before they switch to a hybrid car.

--Glenn Newkirk,


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