June 29, 2005 

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In last week's news feature (BW, News, "Cleaning Out the Garage," June 22, 2005) we incorrectly identified Jules Viosca as currently working at Idaho Camera downtown. Jules used to work there, but no longer does.

Bravo Bill

Another superb article (BW, Bill Cope, "Give 'em Heck, Howard," June 22, 2005) from our local Boise treasure Bill Cope. Why this guy isn't nationally syndicated is beyond us. Bill Cope is our main reason for looking forward to the next issue of BW. Wonderful!

-Rudi & Ethel Werth, Boise

Editor's Note: You might like to know that Bill Cope's column has set records on www.boiseweekly.com this past week for page views. You can read other Bill Cope columns in the archives.

A view from over the border

I am a Mexican national, living and working in Mexico. I am looking for the right place to show my opinion and complain about the recent declarations shown in Mexican newspapers from the [Idaho] Republican candidate Robert Vasquez saying that he has an American flag in his office and not the one with the chicken and the worm on it. Referring like this to the Mexican flag-which for his information has not a chicken but an eagle, and not a worm but a snake-he seems to be lacking of the intelligence and education to know what the flag of its neighbor country bears on it. Or maybe he was trying to insult my country. In either case, this person is making a big mistake. No politician should make such comments. Instead of helping to build a better relationship between two countries, it tends to make things worse. I hope that not all American people think like this, I respect the USA just as much as I expect them to respect my country. Showing respect for others should be part of the characteristics of a decent person and this man is not showing any respect for our national emblem. I hope for the good of America that people notice who is respectful enough to show him respect and who does not deserve it by showing his lack of it.

-Jorge Antonio

Sivillá Costales

Dog Days

It's wrong for Daytona Dayton to hype the Iditarod as heroic when the race is nothing more than animal abuse (BW, Sports Shorts, June 22, 2005).

In the Iditarod, dogs are forced to race 1,150 miles, the approximate distance between Boise and Kansas City, Missouri, over a grueling terrain in eight to 15 days.

A short list of what happens to the dogs during the Iditarod includes death, paralysis, penile frostbite, bleeding ulcers, lung damage, pneumonia, viral diseases, ruptured discs and broken bones.

On the average, 53 percent of the dogs who start the Iditarod do not make it across the finish line. According to a study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, of those who do finish, 81 percent have lung damage. The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine reported that 61 percent of the dogs who finish the Iditarod have ulcers vs. zero percent before the race.

Stories about the dogs receiving top notch health care don't square with the facts. Dogs are often sick before the Iditarod starts but are made to race anyway. While some sick dogs are dropped during the race, others are given massive doses of antibiotics to keep them going.

In 2003, The Anchorage Daily News reported, "Lindwood Fiedler opened the dog's mouth and fed it antibiotics to fight an infection. 'Better mushing through pharmacy,' he quipped." In 2004 the newspaper quoted Aliy Zirkle as saying, "It was my first Iditarod; I had to finish the ding-dang thing. The dogs all had fevers. The vets gave them a powerful antibiotic."

Surely, if the dogs could talk, they'd say the Iditarod is dog torture.

-Margery Glickman, director of the Sled Dog Action Coalition, Miami, Florida

A Voice mail from area code 208

I just wanted to say that guy who won the lottery is a real idiot because not once did he mention anything charitable in the first week of his press attention. He didn't say he was going to do one thing to help the world... to better it.

I think he's a selfish twit and you should have mentioned it in your editorial (BW, Lingo Yarns, June 22, 2005).

"My goal is to make a billion dollars because I've always wanted a billion dollars." [Said in a manly voice]

What a ridiculous thing. He could take care of his family and future generations with multi-million dollars. He doesn't need a billion dollars for that.

He's a total hayseed. Everyone in New York was commenting on that... that he was selfish and completely inbred.

I don't understand why you didn't mention that. He was very uncharitable in his plans for the money. I just don't understand that.

Oh where have they all gone?

Is O.J. Simpson still looking for his wife's killer? What's going on with Linda Tripp? Anybody know where Osama Bin Laden is? No more questions for Gary Condit? What ever happened to all the jackrabbits in Eastern Idaho since the bunny bop? Did Ted Turner ever give that billion dollars to the U.N.? Did Alec Baldwin ever leave the planet after George Bush was elected president? Is George W. Bush really going to let Americans opt-out of the Social Security and invest their retirement savings in the stock market? Is Dirk Kempthorne really going to raise our taxes so soon after giving us a tiny tax cut? Whatever happened to all those "yellow bikes" in downtown Boise? Is Brent Coles still indulging in nocturnal transgressions? What happened to the rule of the road, "slower traffic keep right"?

-Jim Spicka,


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