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Estey, Greeley and Rohn Elected to Boise School Board, With Only 3.7 Percent Voter Turnout

George Prentice Sep 5, 2018 8:39 AM
Boise Independent School District
Dr. Troy Rohn, Alicia Estey and Maria Greeley won seats on the Boise Independent School District Board of Trustees.
With only 3.7 percent of registered voters casting ballots, residents in the Boise Independent School District selected three members to sit on the district's Board of Trustees for six-year terms.

Current trustees Maria Greeley and Dr. Troy Rohn were re-elected to the board, and they'll be joined by trustee-elect Alicia Estey. Election results are expected be certified at the board's meeting on Monday, Sept. 10. Estey, Greeley and Rohn are expected to be sworn into office during that same meeting.

Estey lead the field with 3,519 votes. Greeley received 3,252 votes, and Rohn received 3,124 votes. Estey, Greeley and Rohn far outpaced their challengers: Shari Fernandez received 810 votes, Branden Durst pulled in 567 votes and James Tooman won 300 votes.

A total of 4,041 ballots were cast, accounting for only 3.72 percent of the district's 108,710 registered voters. In 2016, 4.8 percent of registered voters participated in a board election, and in 2014, 5 percent went to the polls. The two school board elections before that saw even lower 1.5 and 1.1 percent voter turnouts.