Just Feels Right: Euge Groove 

Listening to the latest disc from Narada's Euge Groove, Just Feels Right, is like being trapped in an elevator for six hours by yourself. I made the mistake of listening to the CD at work and damn near slipped into a coma. Only the emergency application of coffee kept me awake.

The major offense of this CD is that a huge amount of talent was thrown at it. Groove-who is a fairly sharp saxman-surrounded himself with top-flight studio musicians to put that extra shine on these songs, mostly originals, although a Temptations cover made it in. Well, it worked. That's the problem.

These songs, the titles of which seem to cover every jazz cliche available, are polished to a high sheen, performed to within an inch of their lives and then produced the rest of the way. Strings, synthesizers, plenty o' horns and guitars and no vocals. I'm getting drowsy thinking about it. There's no kick here. Sure, they've got plenty of good ingredients, but that's not enough. I like pepperoni and I like chocolate, but I sure as hell wouldn't put them on the same pizza.

If you like this kind of thing, stick with Kenny G.

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