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Re: “Mail and Commentary June 12, 2013

RE, Lance Wells...

"I begin this letter by stating plainly that I don't think much of the majority of the nonsense that the Boise Weekly contains."

I begin my response by stating that your letter doesn't give one much reason to believe you think at all.

"I occasionally review it because "sometimes it is useful to know what kind of nonsense people are thinking."

Well, THAT...and people like you just love to look for things to gripe about...

"Certainly this is the case with the opinion pieces by Messrs. Cope and Rall, which could sorely tempt one to openly question whether or not everyone truly should have a right to his own opinion."

Yes, let's make sure people who do not share YOUR 'opinions' are silenced...welcome to the NeoCon Paradise.

"...without any accompanying silliness about the supposed rights of sodomites and pedophiles"

Care to provide ANY examples of where this has EVER occurred in this publication?


I didn't think so, as it never has.
As usual, for the NeoCon, if something doesn't exist to back up your hate or intolerance, just make some crap up...

"...or impassioned support for government mandates implementing the forcible seizure and redistribution of wealth"

Any PROOF of this laughable assertion?


Again...didn't think so.
Just more lies and propaganda...

Your name has already established that you are male, and I'm willing to bet that you are over 50...and white. The cliched, fearful, venom laced Conservative, too afraid to accept change, too thick to acknowledge his own demise...

" ...or any number of other poorly fleshed out theories so often extolled in your paper."

As opposed to the poorly conceived and often repeated lies within the bubble of the NeoCon universe...

Tell me, what is it LIKE, being a member of the minority in this country, filled with fear and hatred of a new and better future you are unwilling to consider?

See, I have to ask...because I'm part of the MAJORITY.
The people who think helping your fellow countrymen is REAL patriotism, that 'I've got mine, screw you, Jack' is about an UN-American as it gets.

Keep up the piss poor attitude, sport...enjoy it while you can, because your numbers are thankfully diminishing...while ours are growing....


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Posted by karcreat2 on 06/13/2013 at 7:38 PM

Re: “Gays Sucked in

"people are not gay based on their political leanings "

True...but IF you are gay and 'lean to the right', supporting the party who is AGAINST any rights you look to obtain...you are an IDIOT.

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Posted by karcreat2 on 04/04/2013 at 8:28 PM

Re: “Gays Sucked in

'Gays Sucked In'

Yes, you read right.

That is ACTUALLY what moron Ted Rall entitled his 'article' this week.

Any other questions regarding why I hate this clueless POS?

Rall: "I don't get it"

You said a mouthful there, Teddy...

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Posted by karcreat2 on 04/04/2013 at 8:27 PM

Re: “Gunning for a Fight

By the way...my apologies for the last 'double post' I made here...this was MY error, I wasn't sure that the initial one went through, my browser 'hiccuped' and I basically tried to recall what I had originally typed a second time.

Oh, and one last thing that really caused me to LOL...

"I would have never guessed there were so many bone-head liberals in Idaho. "

...says the guy reading posts on a LIBERAL website for a LIBERAL weekly newspaper...SHEER BRILLIANCE...

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Posted by karcreat2 on 03/15/2013 at 7:12 PM

Re: “Gunning for a Fight


I have been reading the drivel that you’ve posted in your failed attempts to impress others with your supposed knowledge of the Constitutional process in this country. I’m going to educate you"

...Aaaaand after having my researched posts referred to as 'drivel' and then seeing you arrogantly state that 'you are going to educate me', I know I have absolutely NO interest in reading your petulant, ego driven GARBAGE.

I have attempted several times in this thread to state that all I am after is a conversation regarding ideas you Righties might have concerning our country's GUN PROBLEM...and one or two intelligent GROWN UPS have responded, which I sincerely appreciate...the rest of you name call, sling mud, hurl hate, and ram your fingers in your ears while screaming how 'aint no one gunna take MAH GUNS! 'MURICA!!'

YOU lot can all kiss my ass.


I am unsubscribing from this pointless 'thread', as I have better things to do with my time than waste in trying to converse with brain head, self important LOSERS such as yourselves...not even willing to discuss any POSSIBILITIES wherein you would bend, all you care about is guarding your penal extensions and screaming about YOUR RIGHTS...hey, FUCK everyone ELSE'S rights or safety, right?

NEWSFLASH: You lot are dwindling in size...DAILY. The Progressive movement is GROWING, people are seeing your self important, un-patriotic SHIT for what it is...the GOP is dying, and GOOD RIDDANCE...

Enjoy your bratty temper tantrums and delusions while you can...your days are, thankfully, NUMBERED...

Buh bye...and GOOD LUCK to you...you will need it.

To the few here who bothered to respond to my inquiries regarding suggestions to improve our situation, I sincerely thank you...it's nice to know there are at least a FEW decent, intelligent 'Red Staters' in Idaho...

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Posted by karcreat2 on 03/15/2013 at 6:46 PM

Re: “Gunning for a Fight

"I would have never guessed there were so many bone-head liberals in Idaho."

I have no doubt there is quite a LOT you 'never would have guessed'...but yes, it's the LIBERALS who are 'bone heads', that makes COMPLETE sense, given that Liberals are better educated, more well read and generally more empathetic than Conservatives...

How 'bout you do me a favor, and make up your mind, here?
Are we Libs 'elitists' or 'bone heads'?

Cuz we CAN'T be BOTH.




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Posted by karcreat2 on 03/15/2013 at 6:34 PM

Re: “Gunning for a Fight

"I would have never guessed there were so many bone-head liberals in Idaho. "

I'm sure you have quite a time guessing at just about anything.

Yes, yes...the LIBERALS...the one's who have been proven to be more educated, more intelligent, better read and more open minded...THEY'RE the 'boneheads'...as opposed to someone who who go around CALLING people 'boneheads'...

You NeoCons need to make a decision...we can't be 'elitists' AND 'boneheads'...





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Posted by karcreat2 on 03/15/2013 at 6:27 PM

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