Karen Woods: The Way to Wilder 

Water and oil.

Karen Woods

Water and oil.

Wilder is far from the ever-growing skyline of Boise and the strip malls of Meridian. The sleepy town of around 1,500 has a Mexican restaurant, a cemetery, a couple of schools and a Jacksons Food Store, but it's the habit of artists to be more observant and sensitive to the realities of their environment. The Way to Wilder, a new exhibit by local artist Karen Woods, shows her as a champion of small places. In her paintings, Woods puts viewers in the passenger's seat during a drive to Wilder during a rainstorm, offering a vision of small-town life blurred by the tempest. Though delicate in nature, Woods' works leave a viewer begging for clarity that can only be provided by a windshield wiper blade. The exhibit runs through Sunday, Sept. 11.

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