The Olympic, Wednesday, April 25

The title of the newest album from Texas funk trio Khruangbin, Con Todo El Mundo (LateNightTales, 2018), translates to "With All the World," an appropriate title for a band that claims to be "rooted in the deepest waters of world music" and inspired by tunes from South East Asia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Con Todo El Mudo is only the group's second album, but it has already carved its own niche in the American music scene—perhaps by attempting to draw on so many other niche styles worldwide, from Thailand-based funk to Iraqi soul. Instrumental-heavy tracks like "Maria Tambien," which is more or less one long, fluttering guitar solo overlaid by whispers and underscored by drum beats, recall slow-motion outdoor dance circles, everyone swaying to the music. To listen to the album in full is to travel the world while sitting still; no doubt the live performance will produce even more magic.

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