The Internet's graveyard of dreams

There are places scattered around Russia where statues from the former Soviet Union are collected into makeshift parks. In some they lay haphazardly together—Lenin leaning against Stalin leaning against Marx leaning against a giant concrete tractor—while others serve as official "memento" galleries of a fallen superpower. serves the same function for failed dreams.

Even at a time when any upstart with the glimmer of an idea can beg for money on the Internet, the laws of the market are still cruel. Witness the personal "Geiger counter with GPS mapping and logging," perfect for your next backpacking trip through Chernobyl. Or a smartphone app that will finally "unite all blue ball handball players." Or the sure-to-be New York Times Best Seller Take a Walk in My Shoes: A story based on child molestation (give $15 and you'll receive a T-shirt emblazoned with the book cover and a description of the story).

Kickended has gathered together 11,276 Kickstarter campaigns that, like the above examples, raised a grand total of $0 during their funding cycles.

At its best, Kickended is a catalog of stunted ambition, ingenuity and desire. At its worst, it's a Dumpster filled with lazy, derivative crapola that reveals the shallowness of its creators. Either way, it's a monument to the strivings of the Internet Age, complete with a decent dose of schadenfreude.

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