Kitschy vs. Classy 

Know your range of breakfast choices

Quinn's (left) and Berryhill and Co. (right).

Laurie Pearman

Quinn's (left) and Berryhill and Co. (right).


Capri Voted Best Hangover Breakfast by Boise Weekly readers.

Jerry's State Court Cafe An institution.

Merritt's Country Cafe Scones or die.

The Egg Factory Pancakes and syrup come in a million flavor combos—well worth the wait.

DK's Donuts Local donuts. Bacon maple bar is all the rage.

Solid For breakfast so early it's late. Order chicken and waffles until 4 a.m. two nights a week.

Quinn's Two breakfast entrees get you a free bottle of champagne, which makes Quinn's best for the day drinking crowd.

Addie's Daily breakfast specials and on the Boise Weekly Card.

Parrilla Grill For b-fast on the go before a ride or run on the trails.

Moon's Kitchen Cafe Order a milkshake with your sunnyside ups.

The Lift Yeah, there's food but mimosas come as singles ($1), doubles ($2) and triples ($3).


Berryhill and Co. The classiest all-you-can-eat buffet in town.

La Vie en Rose Whatever you do, order the cheesy browns.

Goldy's Breakfast Bistro Boise's Best Breakfast according to Boise Weekly readers 11 years running. Salmon cakes and Goldy's potatoes are must-have sides.

Tavern at Bown The specials are good bets.LocavoreThe waffles are hefty, homemade and a great bargain.

Salt Tears Coffeehouse and Noshery Pizzetta and pierogies.

Cafe de Paris If you can pry yourself away from the Nutella, order the local breakfast.

Plaza Grill This ain't the cool kids' brunch stop, which is why it's so cool.

Bacon The breakfast sundae is baconless but beyond awesome.

Red Feather Lounge Oatmeal souffle and grapefruit brulee is the best rhyming breakfast around.

La Belle Vie Elegant buffet brunch in the 2C.

Bella Aquila Lovely, riverside dining with superb attention to the small things that make a great dining experience.

Cottonwood Grille For those times when you're all dressed up in your Sunday best.

36th Street Bistro A quiet spot for a pastry or a plate of stuffed French toast.

Basque Market Monthly Basque sheepherders breakfasts.

Brick 29 A buffet loaded with good stuff but all you really need is the bacon and the bread pudding.

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