Idaho is one of America's most popular states for outdoor recreation, which is probably why it's not hard to find t-shirts with slogans like "The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go" or "Take Me to the Lake" in stores across the state. If you're one of the people who takes those mantras to heart, you've probably found that there's one thing you'll need no matter where your feet take you this summer: somewhere to sit. Enter Knapbag, the inflatable lounger/bench/raft that's light and compact enough to carry in your backpack and easy to inflate by hand, no air pump needed. To inflate the tri-stitch nylon bag, simply wave it back and forth in the air, then roll and clip the open end. The canoe-shaped Knapbag will stay ballooned for 4-6 hours, and can seat one person lying back or up to three people sitting across, making it a perfect option for outdoor concerts or even—height requirements permitting—the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. The super-tough bags cost $99 each, and come in six colors, including camo.

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