Ladies Night Out Devoted to Sexy Shoes 

Thursday, March 3, at Helina Marie's

Most of us have taken the Facebook quiz that tells you which Sex In the City character you most resemble. There's always a Carrie among you. Your BFF happens to epitomize Miranda's type-A personality. The Samantha-ish one of the group keeps everybody entertained with her outlandish stories, and sweet, neurotic Charlotte ... well, everyone knows a Charlotte, right? If late Saturday morning finds you and the girls in your favorite designer ensembles, hair coiffed to perfection sipping mimosas in a swanky downtown restaurant, pay attention. You're going to want to take those Manolo Blahniks off the shelf and plan a girls' night out.

This is the chance you've been waiting for--an occasion to wear those strappy sequined shoes someplace where someone might notice the bright red sole or signature buckle. Like-minded ladies will have the opportunity to strut their stuff, show off their sophisticated style and maybe even swap for a different pair. And if you happen to have a pair laying around that fit perfectly until your feet swelled to the size of mini blimps when you were preggo and you are looking to unload them, bring those, too. You might be able to sell or trade them.

Need something sparkly to show off your swan-like neck or petite ear lobes? You got it. HMI jewelry will be for sale, as will wine by the bottle or case, in addition to the tastings you'll want to take advantage of. There will be free appetizers and drawings, which means more money for you to spend on shoes.

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