Learn About Getting It Local at Boise WaterShed 

Saturday, Nov. 19

Don't turnip your nose at the chance to learn about local food.

Guy Hand

Don't turnip your nose at the chance to learn about local food.

Nothing tastes better than a tomato or strawberry picked fresh from a backyard garden. Maintaining a home garden can be challenging, but seeing a reduction in monthly food budgets makes it easy to forget the hours of tilling dirt and pesky insect invasions.

On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Boise WaterShed will host a gathering of organizations and individuals dedicated to local and sustainable food. Attendees will be able to join discussions about the importance of local sustainable food production with members of the Treasure Valley Food Coalition and Boise Co-op.

According to advocates, local sustainable farming is better for the environment than large-scale factory production. By using organic methods, sustainable farms eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides. At the same time, sustainable food production drastically reduces the amount of fossil fuels used in transportation, processing and packaging.

Not to mention, it's important to diversify when it comes to food production. Rather than putting all our eggs into one agri-basket, support sustainable, locally grown food for the health of current and future generations.

Get It Local will offer suggestions for how to help keep your Thanksgiving feast as local and sustainable as possible. Also, no discussion on food is complete without actual food, so there will be free locally produced samples.

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