Learn the Soupy Secrets of Basque Cooking 

We're a bunch of Basque Market soup freaks here at BW. So much so, that when they whip up a new batch of our office favs, they pick up the phone and tip us off. But when we found out that the Basque Market is giving away the secrets to both their insanely creamy/woodsy mushroom bisque and the pudding-thick tomato basil bisque at a special Basque soup-making workshop, we felt oddly conflicted.

Is it better to remain awestruck at their mad soup skills? Or pluck the proverbial apple and ruin the magic in exchange for DIY bisque bliss?

After much deliberation, we decided knowledge trumps magic. For $30, you, too, can learn the secrets to some of the best bisques in town, then pass that knowledge down to your children, and your children's children, and your children's children's robots.

Just don't forget to call ahead to reserve your spot.

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