Learn to Better Market Your "Art" With a Videography and Recording Class 

Wednesday, March 9

So you have an artistic vision. That's great, get in line. But what's that you say? You also have a well-produced audio and/or visual representation of that vision that can be used for promotional purposes? Well, my mistake then. Please, step right this way into the hall of fame. Mind the piles of commoner droppings on your way in.

OK, maybe that's not a verbatim representation of climbing the artistic ladder. But that little wanker Justin Bieber has shown it isn't that far off. The world is growing more media centric by the day, and those who can effectively convey their artistic vision will be able to reach more people with it, thereby lessening the chance of them actually starving.

To prevent that wave of starvation, the Boise Department of Arts and History has organized a series of workshops for artists and performers covering how they can be more effective in their business, including a seminar on videography and audio recording.

The audio section will be taught by Audio Lab owner Steve Fulton, who has crafted high-quality audio for local and national acts in Boise for more than a decade. Fulton will offer strategies to overcome common sound issues in the production of polished audio marketing tools.

The video section of the workshop will be taught by local video freelancer and former photojournalist Ron Garnys, who will go through the process of making a short video step by step--everything from script creation to equipment selection to effective filming techniques.

Both sections are essential knowledge for local musicians and anyone interested in not being left behind in the Internet-dominated future. A complete list of workshops and dates can be found at artsandhistory.cityofboise.org.

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