Legends Sport Pub and Grill 

7609 W. Overland, 208-377-1819. Sun.-Thur. 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-midnight

Legends Sports Pub and Grill is where the booze flows as freely as the unending stream of sports programs. Scattered throughout the enormous pub there were more TVs than I cared to count. Before I sat down, I decided I would have a look around. I felt lucky to have occasionally visited the establishment that preceded Legends, Sports Pub and Grill, because it gave me a good basis for comparison.

A lot of things were the same. The room still has almost a cathedral feeling to it with the high ceilings and fancy but tasteful woodwork. The bar setup is the same, which is a good thing because I always enjoyed its aesthetic. The bar area is raised, maybe three feet above the ground floor and the area behind bar is lowered so patrons actually look down at the bartender. It's fun in a narcissistic sort of way. Thankfully, they retained the game room as well. It's tucked away, almost hidden behind the hostess station, but make the effort to find it. You'll discover eight pool tables, an air hockey table, numerous arcade games and, of course, TVs. You wouldn't want to miss the game just because your pool game is lasting a little long.

However, there are differences. For one, it looks and feels a lot cleaner than the original sports pub, making it a little classier. The menu is significantly but not completely different, also a move toward a level of sophistication. I was slightly disappointed to see that the dance floor/karaoke stage had been replaced with tables, although I have to respect it as a sound business decision. I guess I was just reminiscing over some good times. Who sings karaoke at a sports bar, anyway?

As hungry as I was, everything on the menu looked delicious. There were dishes from the four corners of the earth: from a wasabi chicken wrap to Italian-style sandwiches and pizzas to fajitas and good old-fashioned steaks and burgers.

I narrowed my choices to one of the two salmon dishes: the Parmesan-crusted salmon or the cedar salmon. When it came down to it, I went with the cedar salmon ($13.95). It's a tried-and-true method of cooking salmon in which the fish is baked on a cedar plank, giving it an earthy and unique aroma and flavor. I could smell the cedar on its way to the table. I was excited. But the cooking method was not the best attribute of this dish; rather, it was the smoky, creamy sun-dried tomato sauce smothering the filet. Delicious, indeed.

My friend ordered the lemon garlic chicken pasta: linguine noodles with chicken in a creamy sauce ($11.95). I had a bite ... then another. At that point I decided Legends is a good restaurant. Initially. I was a little uncertain, considering I'm not a sports guy and don't normally frequent establishments that capitalize on testosterone and a competitive spirit. But Legends has really good food, a friendly, fun-loving staff and a classy atmosphere.

Located in the Edwards 21 complex, Legends makes for a great before or after-movie meal. Also, I'm sure that during big sporting events such as the Super Bowl, World Series or any Broncos football game, Legends is the place to be. I can imagine it packed to the gills with fans, screaming at one of the many TVs, hoping to change the fate of their favorite team.

—Tom Kershaw thinks you should always look up to the person making your drinks.

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