LEGO Lunch Box 

What kid—or adult, for that matter—doesn't have a soft spot for LEGOS? Elementary school kids in particular have a magnetic attraction to the stackable plastic blocks, and with back-to-school fast approaching, now is the perfect time to indulge the little Bob (or Bobbette) the Builder in your life with some fun LEGO merch for the new year. Case in point: the LEGO Lunch Box, which looks like a huge, shiny LEGO but actually opens to reveal space for storing sandwiches, pudding cups, pre-cut veggies and more. The plastic box ($14-$19, depending on color) is food friendly, PVC free and dishwasher safe, and LEGO even sells "Mini Boxes" ($5-$8) in two sizes that look like smaller LEGO bricks and can nest inside the larger box for easy snack separation while traveling. Even if you don't have a LEGO-loving kid in mind, there's no shame in strutting your stuff while carrying a giant LEGO brick to the office.

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