Lethe, Microbabies and Beautician at Gusto 

The original microbaby--a blinky-eyed, giggling mini baby doll produced by Tomy--has a few things in common with local Boise band Microbabies. For one, both are intense, in a slightly creepy way. Also, both might entice you to utter the words "sleepy" and "pee pee" in the same sentence. Fronted by Mike Johnston on vocals and drums, Luke Hayhurst on guitar and Jeremy Martin on bass, Microbabies recently self-released their first EP, Sleepy Pee Pee EP. The album throbs with six irreverent, intense and atonal tracks with song names like "Space Boners," "Baby Bits" and "Sex Breakfast." Self-described as "Rib cage rattling, genital pounding, eardrum shattering, hell rock," Microbabies are sure to provide a nice foil for Seattle's psych-stoner-rock outfit Lethe (Members of Sod Hauler) and local drum and bass duo Beautician. The three bands are slated to play Too Much Distortion skate night at Gusto on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 9 p.m., $3, Gusto, 509 W. Main St., 208-343-5159, myspace.com/gustobar.

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