Let's Do Lunch (or Dinner) 

Nosh noon and night at Saint Lawrence Gridiron and Juniper

The pork bell souffle and 10-ounce "lunch buddy" beer at Saint Lawrence Gridiron.

Kelsey Hawes

The pork bell souffle and 10-ounce "lunch buddy" beer at Saint Lawrence Gridiron.

33. Savor a Souffle

Maybe you've had a fluffy chocolate souffle drizzled in sauce at an old-school steakhouse. Or perhaps you've dipped into an airy cheese souffle buttressed by whipped egg whites. But a pork belly souffle? You've "gout" to be kidding.

At Saint Lawrence Gridiron, a Southern-influenced haunt dedicated to "exploring the roots of American cuisine," nothing is too decadent. Take its astonishingly rich pork belly souffle, made with stone-ground Carolina grits combined with the holy dairy trinity—butter, milk and cheese—then folded into an egg-white meringue. That magical mixture is poured into a small cast-iron pot and cooked in a Salamander broiler until it puffs up. The souffle is then topped with hunks of deep-fried pork belly and drizzled in red-eye gravy made from bourbon, sorghum syrup, bacon bits and coffee. Finally, a modest dash of microgreens is added to counterbalance all the cholesterol.

"We have these micro-radishes that are grown locally tossed in vinaigrette, so it's a little bit of salad right on top," said Saint Lawrence cook Bruce Connors.

34. Find a Booze-om Buddy

It's great to grab lunch with a buddy, but sometimes your lunch needs a buddy, too. At Saint Lawrence Gridiron, you can get a 10-ounce "Lunch Buddy" pour of your favorite beer to complement your meaty meal. The beer is big enough to whet your whistle but not so sudsy that your boss will know you've been hitting the sauce. Nearby neighbor Juniper offers a similar deal with wine at lunchtime: half price for half a glass.

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