Light Up the Night 

You may have noticed it's getting darker earlier. I certainly have. I'm a bike commuter, and the end of daylight savings time, which took place this past weekend, made my ride home after work significantly more perilous. Visibility is one of the keys to staying safe as a cyclist all year long, and making sure the people we share the streets with can see us is even more important now.

A few weeks ago during my ride to work, a man reached out his car window and handed me a "blinky" bike light. My Rec feature this week is about how I tracked that man down and learned he's an attorney who specializes in the law as it pertains to bikes. His name is Kurt Holzer, and he has tremendous insight into tensions between motorists and riders, the Idaho Stop and the Ada County Highway District.

Bikes and roads are a major theme this week. In News, talented intern Veronica Lemaster reports on a proposal that would prevent cars from parking in the bike lane on Eighth Street, and News Editor George Prentice explains why Broad Street in the new LIV district remains closed to traffic but how it became a makeshift parking lot despite its grand re-opening a month ago.

Elsewhere in this edition, Staff Writer Lex Nelson describes her journey to the other end of the state to find out why two Biodynamic dairy farmers in eastern Idaho have named their cows Justin Timberlake and Glinda Good Witch, why they bury horns packed with crushed quartz crystals on their property every year, and what they think all this means for the milk and cheese they produce, as well as for their four-year-old son.

And now for some shameless self-promotion: This year, I'm wrangling the 16th annual Boise Weekly Fiction 101 contest, and I want to overwhelm the panel of star judges I've assembled with an avalanche of entries. You, dear reader, can help me make that happen. All you have to do is submit a 101-word story to, along with a $10 entry fee for each submission to Entries are due Friday, Nov. 24. For a full list of rules and instructions, visit

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