Lingo Yarns June 9, 2004 

I don't remember this many eulogies for Nixon when he died. While Ronald Reagan was a great leader I am already a little oversaturated with reviewing his life, his legacy, his accomplishments, and his friends and family talking about it all. Although I never voted for the guy it wasn't because I didn't like him. I wasn't old enough to vote until Daddy Bush ran for president. We never discussed politics at home but I always assumed we were a Republican household growing up. The guy certainly had charisma. Hey Ron, thanks for your hard work and getting rid of the "evil empire." Frankly, I was way more scared about burning up in a global nuclear holocaust than worrying about a terrorist or two that might blow up a train. At least the commies didn't do anything to force my own government to take away my civil liberties.

Even after death he still knows how to work the crowd. We can look forward to the Republican National Convention being one big love fest for the Gipper. Jelly beans will make a comeback. They're already talking about replacing Hamilton on the ten dollar bill with Reagan. He overshadowed everyone and will for the next six months. Can you even remember who Reagan ran against in 1984?

When you know someone is going to win and running against them is just an exercise in futility, why waste the money? Why go to the trouble? The Idaho Democratic Party missed the deadline to file a candidate to oppose incumbent Senator Mike Crapo. It is the first time that the Democratic Party in Idaho has failed to put up an opposition candidate. They may be right.

Some think it is futile to fight against the Republicans in this state. Andy Hedden-Nicely told me the other day that all Democrats should quit the Democratic Party and join the Republicans. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It makes sense. After all, a Democrat in Idaho is like a Republican in California. By joining the Republican Party the Democrats could stop worrying about the poor, the hungry, regressive taxes, crappy education and all the little minority issues. No more fighting for women's rights or gay marriage. Think of the weight that could be taken off their shoulders. They'd get to attend all those closed door caucus meetings, determine which forest to open up for logging, figure out how to look out for themselves when it comes to taxes and education. Think of the money we'd save. Free anti-depressants for everyone. We could all be happy again.

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