Lohan (Almost) Comes to Boise 

Boise media exposure soars

Boise, you're so hip! In recent weeks our fair city has been in The New York Times (a reporter did a "36 Hours in Boise" report and found us worthy of the time. "Boise, once ruled by the bait-and-bullet crowd, has embraced the Lycra lifestyle," wrote their correspondent. The Wall Street Journal followed them by a day with a glowing review of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. "The productions are unfailingly fresh and engaging, and the casual atmosphere is perfect for art-starved tourists," wrote WSJ drama critic Terry Teachout in his "Shakespeare in Flip-Flops" piece.

And yes, we follow those lists too: Money magazine likes us ("Best Places to Live") and the WSJ has elsewhere deemed us "inventive."

But it don't mean a thing if we don't have that big-screen thing, and maybe now we'll get it. Word is that Morgan Creek Productions is working on new Lindsay Lohan picture, Georgia Rule, and her character--a rebellious teen, now that's acting!--is sent to live with her grandmother, played by Jane Fonda. The tough matriarch apparently lives on a farm outside ... Boise.

Well, color us excited. The farms may look more like planned communities these days, but word from product placement specialist Jennifer Bydwell is that in order to make the production look more like Boise, they may be using a certain newsweekly to add authenticity.

"As far as I know, it's using a few actual issues of the Boise Weekly," said Bydwell in a telephone interview from Los Angeles, where the film is under production for a 2007 release. Of course, the film biz is tough; Bydwell reminded us that the cutting room floor has claimed its share of hopefuls. Also, production reports in the tabloids tell us that Lohan is having disagreements with the producers over her behavior off-set.

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