Long Live Saturday Night Live 

Saturday Night Live vs. the end of the world

It's a good thing Jesus didn't come down from the sky in a magic chariot and sweep everyone off their feet in a rapturous romp to heaven a week and a half ago--we would've missed the Saturday Night Live season finale.

People who complain about Saturday Night Live and predict its impending demise are getting as tiresome as an apocalyptic preacher. Both types of doomsayers display similar behavioral patterns. They say the world or SNL is about to end, and then, when it doesn't and the Earth or opening monologue are just fine, they go back into hiding until some sort of biblical blurb or bad skit catches their attention and propels them to prophesy a new calamity.

Harold Camping, a California preacher who concocted the religious quackery of Judgment Day on May 21, quickly revised his prognostication when nothing happened. It will now be Tuesday, Oct. 21, he claims. That's about when the new SNL season begins, so let's hope he's wrong--what a shame if next season gets ruined by the Rapture.

For 36 years, SNL has provided timely satire, cathartic nonsense and some of the most memorable moments in the history of television. Sometimes, it's also excruciatingly awful--not everything can be Happy Fun Ball--but for the most part, these aren't the end times. Kristen Wiig, for instance, is as talented as any cast member since Chris Farley.

SNL detractors and religious lunatics always predict events within their own lifetimes. It would be far more credible to do otherwise. With that in mind, take heed--the world will end in 1 billion years, and Saturday Night Live will never make it beyond 200 seasons.

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