Looking for a Boise Food Truck? This New App Can Help 

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For some people, part of the fun of eating from food trucks is stumbling upon them unawares in their favorite park or on a street corner. For others, having to follow a dozen or more of their beloved traveling snack spots on Facebook for updates on where they'll roll up next can feel like a bit of a slog. For the latter, a solution has come in the form of the StreetFoodFinder app (here for iPhones and here for androids).

StreetFoodFinder started in Columbus, Ohio, in 2012, and has popped up in cities like Los Angeles, Cincinnati and Nashville over the last seven years. Now, thanks to the Southern Idaho Food Truck Association, which has more than 30 members, Boise is on the app's virtual map. All hungry smart phone users need to do is download the app and approve it to use their GPS location, and it will auto-populate with food trucks nearby, sorting them by when they're open (now, today, tomorrow or by date later on) or plotting them on a map.

"We've talked about the need for [a food truck locator] since the association was formed four years ago, and we tried out a variety of different possibilities. Then over the last month to six weeks we've been working with StreetFoodFinder and making it happen here," said Sid Gauby, president of SIFTA.

The app will show only SIFTA members, so any truck that wants its location to pop up is required to join the group. So far, members Atomic Pops, Big Daddy's Meatwagon, Brown Shuga Soul Food, El Paco Tacos y Tortas, Fly Food Truck, Genki Takoyaki, Grid Waffles, Kilted Kod, Off the Grid Pizza, Slow River Coffee, The Rusty Dog and Tiki’s Shave Ice are already live on the app, and Gauby said the rest of the association's members will be added "in the coming days."

StreetFoodFinder also has an online portal for desktop computers here, but Gauby pointed out that downloading the app is a bit like having a national food truck map in your pocket.

"One of the benefits is, when you're traveling, if you're in one of the cities that uses it you can find food trucks," he said. 
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