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Re: “Bieter Slams ACHD Snow Removal Effort: 'It's a System Doomed to Fail'

ACHD is " proud" really??

Posted by lrainey on 01/16/2017 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Boise Police After Shooting Dog: 'Officers Never Want to Harm an Animal'

Do they have to kill everything that is a potential threat? Couldn't they have maced the dog instead? If the officer had time to unbuckle a gun and aim at the dog wouldnt' the process to unbuckle and aim mace have been the same?

It seems ridiculous that the police department invest (spend our tax dollars) on non-lethal weapons (Mace, shotguns which shoot bean-bags, nightsticks, tazers and even self defense classes against dogs and people but this is the second case I've read in as many years (at least) where the first option is to shoot the animal.

What are they waisting all of this Tax money for, if protocol is to shoot first??? And now that I've written it, could Boise Weekly or KTVB or one of the 5 regurgitating news sources go actually ask and print the policies from the Boise Police Department on what exactly IS their SOP for when it is appropriete to use leathal force vs. All the other "tools" they are armed with?

Not just for Dogs but for every-thing they may encounter while Protecting and Serving our Community. I must have missed this public information over the years as I continue to read and hear about members of our community (human and non) being shot dead and then if there is enough public outraged, maybe the Ombudsman will investigate after.

I'm not saying that bad situations don't arise and that we all need to protect ourselves when they do but I find it appauling that Police officers simply get to shoot anything they feel the need to when threatened but the rest of the public servants out there (Firemen, Medics, Postal Workers, etc AND the general public), have to use whatever knowledge or training we may have to work our way through those situations.

Why? Because our society doesn't accept that every scary encounter deserves an instant death.

Frankly - I call bullshit on PBD for this one.

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Posted by lrainey on 10/21/2013 at 11:39 AM

Re: “Soul Food Extravaganza Cancelled

For an event centered around Soul food it severely lacked.
The organizers are really blaming this on the community??? How about the food or lack there of????
I can get a turkey leg or pronto pup at the fair. Get serious, next time, if you want to hold a soul food festival....and stop blaming the community - I went two years in a row and struggled to find amazing southern food.

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Posted by lrainey on 04/19/2013 at 8:22 PM

Re: “BW Video Preview: A Sign of Trouble?

Wow - "No, that would be a successful event" - when asked if he would take into consideration changing the billboard if it caused offense the the city and collectively it's residents.

Sorry for your "crazies", Caldwell. However, I do like your rodeo :-)

Posted by lrainey on 08/07/2012 at 1:31 PM

Re: “Idaho State Police's Official Response to 10 Barrel Brewing

How about we all step back a minute and rightfully focus our displeasure with this situation properly.
Out of curiosity, I have been following this deal since the announcement came out last fall and can't stand that the real charade of the transaction hasn't been reported by either the Weekly or Statesman. It's like they have some preference for this deal and refuse to see through the bullshit deal that it is for Local business and report on why this really sucks. It's not because red tape is getting in the way.

And for the record I have nothing against 10 Barrel per se and in fact I've been a patron of their bar and restaurant in Bend and thought it was great. However, allow me to explain the REAL reason I think locals and Idahoan's (especially those who like their beer and local business) should be disappointed in our state agencies. At least it’s mine.

Idaho Dept. of Lands invited a NON-Idaho brewery to sign a 15 yr lease for prime downtown real estate (also happens to be a tax free public building).They did this despite an emerging Idaho craft beer industry “explosion” in the very state they govern and without even considering to offer this to a) one of the new brewery’s who’s launched or is launching in the immediate area or b) to an existing brewery in the state. As the Statesman reported recently, there are about 20 or so breweries in Idaho (about 6 in the Boise area). This also happened under the approval of the Deputy AG for the land bureau who in fairness should know the laws.

So why did the Dept of Lands decide to compete with Idaho business owners and profitability??? Tired of the local faces in the Treasure Valley? Fair enough, why not offer the tap house and additional revenue/exposure to one of the breweries in the state? Teton has been making some killer beers for a while now and sorry to say I haven’t had Laughing Dog in North Idaho but at least offer. Those are two and I could go on (McCall, S.V., Pocatello, etc) but you get the point. If the other breweries didn’t want/couldn’t afford then by all means open it up to other states. But, to exclude Idaho business from the start should be the real issue. Where Idaho may lack business and social diversity in other areas, we certainly don’t in the craft beer industry, so certainly that wasn’t the reason which propelled the Dept of Lands to lease to 10 Barrel.

Final to my rant and as further irony to this whole “deal” is that I’ve heard that the Dept of Lands actually acquired that building some years ago from the Simplot family in trade (as payment) for back Idaho State taxes on properties (which I don’t take issue with). So let me get this straight: Simplot an Idaho company, trades land to an Idaho agency who then tries to turn it into a revenue stream for Oregon. Awesome. I can’t confirm this to be a fact but there are lots of people out there who like to fact find so go for it.

So the comment before about Idaho not being pro-business – I’d actually twist it that Idaho is very pro business for the most part, just not pro local business in some cases. Maybe someday they will explain or someone will report on this seemingly looked over aspect of the story.

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Posted by lrainey on 08/03/2012 at 2:34 PM

Re: “Boise Tea Partiers Want to 'Empeach' Obama

No Taxes? No EPA, no DOE x 2? Then I think they should adhere to the list of what exactly ALL of those institutions (flawed or not) afford us.

How can these guys at their age with all of the effing hardships they USED to have to endure (and most likely bitch about over coffee at the local cafe every morning) bash on even half of what government oversight has improved in their lifetimes? Not one of them better take a god-damned cent from Medicaid or Social Security and STAND ON THE CAPITOL STEPS THAT WERE PAID FOR WITH TAX MONEY and I might add BUILT UNDER SAFE WORKING CONDITIONS, by working class guys they associate themselves with. Man this crap gets me fired up! :-)

And back to my original's the link to that list I mentioned…

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Posted by lrainey on 06/29/2012 at 10:39 AM

Re: “Idaho GOP Leader Sues Blog Commenter For Libel

Since the very definition of involved is: to be connected or concerned with someone or something, typically on an emotional or personal level.; I would actually be upset if she (as chair), weren't concerned in the disappearance of $10,000 from her committee.

But you know, wasting money suing people is just as American as free speech. Seems like a strange way to object to the allegation that she is concerned about the missing money but to each their own....

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Posted by lrainey on 04/26/2012 at 12:56 PM

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