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I like New York-style pizza for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the thin crust suits my 40-year-old stomach's increasing fussiness with white bread products. I usually rely on Guido's in downtown Boise for my thin crust fix, but their two-hour wait for a to-go pizza on a Friday night often leaves me forgoing the treat altogether. So it is with unabashed glee that I can tell you about another N.Y.-style pizzeria that has opened in Boise's North End. Lulu's Fine Pizza serves said pie in classic configurations like the Margherita, with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil, as well as gourmet combinations like the Dolce Vita topped with dried figs, Maytag blue cheese and prosciutto. Of course you can build your own with standards like pepperoni and Italian sausage. But don't look for plain white mushrooms or canned, sliced black olives here. Instead you'll find roasted Portabella mushrooms and juicy Kalamatas. Need a helping of roughage? Check out Lulu's salad menu, which offers interesting green medleys to help keep your palate humming and your digestive tract happily chugging along.

I paid two visits to Lulu's for this review—just like I sample a big spoonful of fresh cookie dough to make sure it tastes right, then take a second spoonful—y'know, just to be sure. On my first visit my husband and our two teenage sons joined me for Sunday lunch. Surrounded by Lulu's jazzy palette of chartreuse green, pumpkin orange and brick red, we placed our order and settled in at a long dining table that could easily seat 12. We started with a Scape Goat salad ($7.95) topped with goat cheese, pine nuts, cranberries and crumbled bacon. Its Dijon-balsamic dressing struck me as funky at first, but grew on me as I got deeper into the salad. Our 20-inch Manhattan Basil Pie ($16) featured flavorful tomato sauce, melted mozzarella and shreds of fresh basil. Its pliable golden crust, which was just crispy enough, had me planning to return for a second taste (y'know, just to be sure). About a week later I came back for dinner with four hungry teenage boys after a day at the lake. I fed them with a 20-inch pepperoni pizza ($16), while I indulged in a 16-inch Thai-One-On ($13.95). The pleasant Thai-One-On, with peanut sauce, chicken, red peppers and carrots arrived with the light fragrance of fresh cilantro and basil. I have the same feeling about Lulu's that I have when I take a third sample of cookie dough. I'll be back for more—y'know, just to be sure.

—Jennifer Hernandez's digestive tract is chugging along.

Lulu's Fine Pizza, 2594 N. Bogus Basin Rd., 387-4992; Mon.-Fri.: 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m., 5-9 p.m., Sat.-Sun.: noon-9 p.m.
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