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Even in the midst of the Sen. Larry Craig scandal and wildfires threatening several Idaho towns, Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter managed to get some other work done.

Topping that list is Executive Order No. 2007-08, a nifty little directive that stipulates any business contracting with the state cannot outsource jobs to other countries, and that jobs are preferably kept inside the state.

"The citizens of Idaho are entitled to know how and where their tax dollars are being spent, including whether their taxes are being spent to utilize workers located in countries outside the United States," Otter wrote in the order.

The order asks the Idaho Department of Administration's Division of Purchasing to begin developing a set of policies requiring that any company doing business with the state has to disclose where any work related to their state contract will actually be done.

If any company should fail to give the state the required information, it would lose said contract.

And just to keep everyone honest, if a contractor should move operations overseas during the term of the contract, the contractor would be in breach of contract. The exception is if the state determines that specific circumstances require a shift out of the country or that "failure to shift would result in economic hardship to the State of Idaho."

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