Magic Sword Cuts New Comic Book Video 

Behold! The calculated splendor that is the cloaked duo of Magic Sword hath brought forth a music video: "Magic Sword: Sword of Truth (Animated Comic Video)."

Magic Sword re-released its self-titled debut album in January amid a boom in the band's popularity and in conjunction with a standalone comic, titled Magic Sword: Volume 1, by Shay Plummer.

On April 30, the "Sword of Truth" music video appeared on the YouTube channel of Portland, Ore.-based indie record label Tender Loving Empire. Calling the video "animated" is an overstatement: It's really a slow pan of the comic, but it is set to "Sword of Truth," a song oversized enough to be appropriate on a Star Wars soundtrack. Whatever the correct term may be, it's well worth watching.

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