Magic Sword 

Knitting Factory, Friday, June 7

After the three-hour slugfest that was Avengers: Endgame, fans of the sprawling Marvel cinematic universe may feel like they have to look back at 2017 with a spyglass. Thor: Ragnarok, easily one of the franchise's strongest installments, had just released a trailer featuring music by none other than Boise synthwave band Magic Sword, and the band was anything but humbled.

"This company of humans known as 'Disney' asked for us to bestow our vision to them in the form of song," wrote a spokes-entity for the band in an email to Boise Weekly.

Magic Sword had reason to be blithe. It once threw a dance party outside Neurolux that was ultimately shut down by the police, and at Treefort Music Fest, it waged mock battle with a spider macro puppet to epic effect. The band will return to its hometown for a Friday, June 7, show at The Knitting Factory before embarking on a tour of Russia and Europe in September.


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