Magic: The Gathering Draft 

Monday, Feb. 24

Magic: The Gathering, is gathering at Boise's Spacebar Arcade for a draft--and not the kind that comes in a glass (although, those will be available as well).

The draft is in celebration of the new Born of the Gods set, which was released earlier this month and contains 165 cards, plus some new jargon and rule changes.

Eight players may compete and must come prepared: Required gear includes an unopened Born of the Gods pack and two unopened Theros packs. The game starts off with a switch-a-roo of sorts, with each player choosing a single card from each deck and swapping with either the player to the left or right (maintaining that each player has the same number of cards), then each player gets the chance to prepare their 40-card deck before the battle begins.

Not sure if you're up to it? Prospective players can visit to check out popular drafting archetypes online from past draft winners to hone their knowledge in the realm of mythical madness--or for an introduction to the myriad of worlds, races and species of Magic: The Gathering.

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